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Concerned Springer
I just got home from the springs. Not a single project Silver Bob wrote as "done" is actually fixed. This is a typical example of how SPA and the camp host are trying to hide from public their inaptitude towards maintaining the springs. I took some measurements so I can fix few things the next time I visit.

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Somebody promised to bring new pipes for a new connection of the shower at Palm Springs at Halloween this year. Hopefully we can start the project soon! We plan to be in Saline shortly before Halloween.

Georg & Ria

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your unfortunately probably right.
I'd also like to apologize for my part in helping to clutter up the camp needs discussions, I just couldn't take the drivel any longer.
Tho it would not surprise me if the "Un" owns a primer-silver bicycle and likes to "hang out" just below lower springs. [wink]
Sam D.

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It's a proxy often utilized by web anonymizers. In fact, last year I was trying to intercept this guy/gal and connected to the same proxy through a different IP to see if I can
sniff something out.
Silver Bob, I sent you a PM.

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"" interesting...   anyone ever heard of geoIP?  [smile]
I'd ban that entire "ISP" if I were admin, but I am a BOFH.

I for one will be helping out where I can when we go out in Nov. that is, unless an army of "concerned springers" gets everything magically (or would that be "virtually") done first.

What will be needed to repair the pipeline at Palm spring? (other than a pickaxe and lots of elbow grease)

I would also like to thank Bob for his detailed report of Steele Pass, I hope your vehicle wasn't too badly damaged.

Encouraging yourself on an internet forum by using an alt is a sure sign you have no life...


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Nice try!

"Unreg 2.0" and "Concerned Springer" both with the same IP Address! ( 

Apparently, she and all her imaginary friends use the same computer. [crazy]
Unreg 2.0
Concerned Springer, do not get discouraged. There will be personal attacks by SPA and LL's drones but majority will silently agree with you.
Notice that none of these drones are discussing the issues. They just attack you personally.

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Mannnn, Boyyy, I thought MY pipes were RUSTY!

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Concerned springer should seriously stop drinking out of the crystal pool.
James Sel

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Next time I get called up for jury duty I'll show up with one of those hats. [tongue]

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(Un) Concerned,
Get lost.

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Concerned Springer,  I found a solution to your problem!  Please watch carefully!

Big Jeff

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Will somebody please post a picture of this wacknut so that the men in white coats will know who to pick up for the 72 Hour hold
James Sel

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Looks like we are all going to die from a rusty pipe.
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