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Per calendar year is what is says.

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Well said, Florida.  Years ago, those who stayed the winter assumed a sense of ownership and entitlement, and became very obnoxious.  30 days is quite generous, but I would like to know if Jan 1 is the change over.  In effect, that would make it 60 days.  Does anyone know the bonafides on this?
Limit is needed to prevent homeless encampments and Manson types hanging out at the springs.

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Florida said it right. Thirty days a year is quite a bit. I enjoy the valley a great deal but also see the need to keep people from "loving it to death". I find it curious that the people making the "limits are crap" argument don't even bother to register on this site. Just seems curious..........


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No, nothing is more important than protecting the desert from overuse and degradation. I've seen other places trampled into wastelands because people 'love them to death'. Many public areas have shorter visit limits. Be thankful for 30 days, and move on.

They got ticketed on New Years? Or New Years day? The 30 day limit is crap. Who cares how long we stay in the park. New years day would be the start of a new year and the 30 day rule would have restarted. Don't these Rangers have better things to do?

A couple of folks got ticketed for staying over 30 days over New Year.
Some idjits see the desert as a blank canvas and not a finished masterpiece. He should have tased her johnny on the spot. 50k volts for little miss Picasso. Yep.


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I was out there from after x-mas to after NY's .I seen 2 different rangers/trucks. I  think one  ranger showed up on the 31all he was doing was making sure there was no fireworks .He hung around for a few days in the valley pretty low key .Think all he was doing was his job ...And on the 1st or 2ed I think hes name was Dave he drives in  a sweet hummer  .And he did give a ticket to a lady for no plates on her truck ...And the only reason for that was she was hard core moving rocks to make a sculpture there in middle camp ...Im glad he stopped her ...Not everyone wants to see that ... That same ranger spent an afternoon cleaning Crystal pool... Not a bad guy in my book.  Im glad theres some rules ...We just need to police our selfs better out there  


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I didn't see one ranger from 12/30 - 01/01



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 I recently heard from my friend who spent New Years in Saline that the Rangers were out in force during New Years and ticketing everyone and everything they could. I have no idea if there is any truth to the claim, so I am asking; Did anyone have any negative experiences this New Years with the rangers?
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