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Hello DIG,

I came down Lippencott in 2012 in my E350 extended Sportsmobile 4x4. No problem, just a little tight in a few spots.


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+1 [smile]

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I don't know.  I've never seen you drive.

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Think a E350 Ford extended 4X4 Sportsmobile can make Lippincott RD?

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Thanks for the responses!  Sounds like about a full day roundtrip, with plenty of gas (and beer, of course).

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Hunter Mtn, Racetrack, Ubehebe, Big Pine to Eureka Dunes
I traveled the above roads on Friday, April 15. Other than some mud holes on Hunter Mountain and lots of washboard, there were no obstacles. 1998 E350 4x4 diesel van Sportsmobile

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I would say between 3 hours and eternity, depending on your fluency in German.
James Sel

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20x X 15 X 18Z^ = ? The variables make it hard to guess? Depends on your speed road condition and if you stop to smell/water the roses. Its, IDK, 1 hour one way from the turn off. I've done it quicker but we were just short of racing. For me I'd plan for 3-4 hours. 


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Hi all, I have a extended cab 2013 F150.  From what I've been reading about Lippincott, there's no way it'll fit.  I did it decades ago but that was in a Baja Bug. Anyway, I'd like to go see the racetrack again and am wondering if anyone has an idea of how long it would take from the Springs to go South and take Hunter Mountain Road to the Racetrack?

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Hunter Mountain is kind of a mess. I tried it yesterday from the south and wound up turning around about 1/3 of the way to Teakettle Junction from Saline Road. Lots of mud, snow and ice. I would have been inclined to finish the trip if I was with other vehicles with recovery gear options, but not solo.

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Any one have a recent update on the conditions of the Swansea Cerro Gordo trail to Death Valley? I was hoping it's not completely snowed in and passable. 

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I have found no pertinent post to date regarding the condition of Big Pine Road from south Eureka rd over the mountain to crankshaft junction.
our group of Xterras will try this over the Veterans day week.
It was declared open today on the Facebook death valley page.  here:
looking for feedback prior to Saturday.

Hi Desert Warrior

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I camped over the weekend at Ballarat and talked to some campers.  They said that Grapevine and Scotty's Castle is still flooded and closed.  Sunday I traveled the Panamint/Trona road to Hwy 190 ending up at Panamint Springs.  Wildrose road is closed with barriers blocking the road.  Prior to Wildrose road from Ballarat there is a three mile section of graded dirt road.  The black top is gone and the speed limit there is posted 35 MPH.  At that speed a lot of dust is blown.  If a car is 100 yards in front of you its a black out drive from the dust.  When I had just come out of the dust road I saw a convertiable with the top down going on to the road.  Bet he really got dusted.  

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Has anyone been over Big pine road from the Eureka dunes side over to crankshaft junction and down to Scotty's castle recently after the floods and rain?

I have seen the reports of it being clear from 168 all the way to S Eureka Dunes, but no reports of its continuance over the mountain to crankshaft junction.

I called Inyo county roads department today and they told me that regardless of what DVNP says, they (Inyo) consider it closed.

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I went up Lippencot and out over Hunter a week ago today. Lippencot was the usual, rocky in the middle section with one off camber section where a lot of dirt has drifted down. The silt pit in Hidden valley was a real bog and it looked like I was the first up Hunter since the last rain, no tracks in the road at all and lots of rock and junk was on the road. There were a few washouts in corners that took some road away but I got around ok. Lots of mud bogs once on top near Hunter cabin. It was doable but a challenge. I drive a lifted, locked, 2001 Xterra with 33/10.5/15 BFG mud terrains. Also came in over Steele pass and it was fine until the upper springs and the road to the middle springs is just gone, tracks everywhere that just disappear, took several hours to finally make my way to the springs. Quit a challenge and I've gone in and out this way at least 9 or 10 times. Also did Echo canyon and it was in great shape, my first time up the falls as I've always come down them. Anyway Hunter was doable but the most challenging I've seen it, depending on what you're driving and your skill level and if you're with anyone else. It is quit possible that the mud bogs would be the most problem.
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