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Just got back from 4 days in DV and thought I'd update some of the roads.  Note: I was driving a Tundra double cab 4wd, full skid row plates and Stubbs sliders
White Mtn Talc Rd-Cerro Gordo Rd (up to town) loose w/only minor spotting needed-reports of road blockage were not discovered-only hit sliders once.
Cerro Gordo-Swansea: rough in spots (actually seemed rougher than last November) tested out my skid plates on several of the lower sections of the trail. [eek]  First time going down the grade, high pucker factor for me (at least)
Harry Wade Exit route, total freeway almost as smooth as pavement, 55+
Greenwater & Deadman's Pass smooth/ fast trails very little wash board. 
Ibex Dunes, Town, Saratoga all fast/smooth
Chloride City/Cliff-good condition very fast in sections
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Thanks, ski3pin.  Those photos help a lot.  Even though it might be illegal, it looks like it wouldn't be a problem getting through.

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Here are some current photos that I found that should help .

Blog Report
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Is it possible to get through to Wildrose Camground using the Lower Wildrose Road from Panamint Valley? I was at Wildrose for four days in March and saw a lot of vehicles going down that road and I never saw them come back up. I talked to a Ranger and he said that the NPS has completed repairs on their portion of the road, but that Inyo County was responsible for the rest of it. It doesn't seem like a priority for them to repair their section.


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Reports on the other forums indicate that the road in question is in poor shape and will definitely require 4wd, as well as high ground clearance.  Going downhill is easier than going up, but the road is now the wash in some places, so you're driving over the rocks. 

Most folks just call it "the backside of Cerro Gordo", although some refer to it as Talc Mine Road. 

Have a good trip, and let us know what you find!
Hi Desert Warrior

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In a couple of weeks, I plan on visiting Cerro Gordo and then on to the springs via Lee Flat and south Saline Valley road.  Can anyone tell me the road condition and if I need four wheel drive to make it to Lee Flat?  What is the name of the road that leads from Cerro Gordo to Lee Flat?
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It has been pointed out that there needs to be a place for information on roads such as the Cerro Gordo and Wildrose-Trona road, so here it is.
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