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Idaho Jim

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I had a 1995 2500 with the 454 for 10 years. I loved it, it got about 15MPG; I took it all over, several times into the springs, every year pulled my 26 foot travel trailer from Wyoming or Idaho to Mexico; I put over 200,000 miles on it and never worked on the motor or transmission. Stay away from the 1/2 tons, I've had friends who tell me they hated their unit.

Rusty Scout

Posts: 37

I am currently shopping for a 1990 Suburban for occasional Death Valley, Baja and Black Rock camping trips. Right now I am scrutinizing a 3/4 ton with a 350 engine and th400 trans. This one seems to be a real "cream puff" as it has low mileage(91K), no running boards, barn doors, second owner and new white paint.

I also would like the ability to tow a scout or a small travel trailer for base camping.

I have seen a few high mileage 1/2 tons but the diffs seem whimpy and troublesome.

Just looking for some advice here as I have never had a GM product before.


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