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thanks Kevin. I'm trying to remember the boulders, on our recent trip out we did a day trip out to the dunes and back.  I was more worried about some of the clearance between rocks on some of the steps, but i remember a much wider stanced ford went through without a problem.  

i do remember a few tight turns just below the marble tub, but i dont remember them being significant in my mind, as much as i tried to pretend i had a trailer behind me i think i was too busy talking to really think about that hard, and i did see a comment from another member who took a trailer (i think military short trailer, but not sure) through there and said he wouldnt do it again

Kevin Mokracek

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North and South pass would be a breeze.  Steele would be tough due to overall length of vehicle plus trailer.  You could probably get up or down the steps in Dedeckera canyon no problem, it’s the boulders and tight turns in a few spots on the springs side of the pass that would be the issue.     

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Nice rig.  Lots to like about it.  Two quick thoughts on it.  I'd be concerned about how that thing would manage in the wind, or if you had a leak in the air supports. 

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Hi All,

I'm looking into an Air Opus trailer, the 2-sleeper is about 16' long from hitch to the rear of the spare tire (spare tire carrier is on the back).  
These are specifically designed for off-road use and have high clearance.
It's also about 4" wider than the 4runner.


After the recent trip into Saline Valley via North Pass, I'm convinced there would be no issues with this trailer getting in/out through north pass, trailering with my 4runner.

We also did a trip over Steele to the dunes and back - I saw a few jeeps with military short trailers (generally low ground clearance compared to the opus) that made it, but I could certainly see the narrow sections having significant challenges getting through there, but I also think it would be doable.

Does anyone else have experiences with off-road trailers, longer than military ones, going over North/South/Steele and/or other passes in DV?

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