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Wonder when the Park Service will put out the contract for the FBO operator...
Salt Peter

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Great news!

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 #3 ... CZk_JwtvDk

News Release Date: August 19, 2019 
Contact: Abby Wines, 760-786-3221

DEATH VALLEY, CA – Death Valley National Park announced that Saline Valley’s “Chicken Strip” Airfield is now officially authorized, as of August 19, 2019. This legally sanctions the long-established use of this backcountry airstrip. 

The Saline Valley Warm Springs Airfield, commonly known as the Chicken Strip, is an unpaved landing strip that has been in use for decades. For most of that time, the land was managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which did not prohibit use of the airstrip.

The Chicken Strip was part of about one million acres of land that were transferred to Death Valley National Park by the California Desert Protection Act in 1994. This transfer from BLM to National Park Service (BLM) also closed the airstrip by default. Lands and waters of the National Park Service are closed to operation of aircraft unless specifically authorized by a special regulation. However, the closure was never enforced and many park staff were not aware that the Chicken Strip was not authorized.

“This special regulation is really a deregulation,” explained Mike Reynolds, Death Valley National Park Superintendent. “It removes any question about the legality of the airfield’s use by visitors. We believe this is a common sense approach that corrects a regulatory technicality.” 

The Chicken Strip has been used by an average of 47 planes per year recently. Some pilots use it to access the nearby Warm Springs. Others are drawn by the challenge of the airstrip itself.

Volunteers with the Recreation Aviation Foundation (RAF) maintain the airstrip at no cost to the taxpayers. “The RAF and the NPS have been successfully partnering for nearly ten years to make access to [the Chicken Strip] safe and available to the aviation community,” RAF board chairman John McKenna said.

The Federal Register posting is available at: ... f-airstrip.

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It’s not there yet.

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I found this ….

In 2018 the NPS issued a notice of proposed rulemaking to designate the Saline Valley Warm Springs Airfield as a location "available for the operation of aircraft" and to be charted on a sectional and be entered in to the FAA registrar.

All things change.

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