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One way to keep from being bitten is to soak yourself in diesel fuel. Keeps the bugs away! 
And most everyone else...

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They were out and around last weekend, but not horrific. The off and on chill weather has been limiting them, I believe. The amount of rain in the area is likely going to lead to some major bugginess though. We did get reminded that you sometimes don't notice the biting until the itching starts!
James Sel

Posts: 359
LOL! I seen him all ate up, a walking welt. I even had some thing bite me just after he walked away from me; another landed and died on my cheek. BTW now I know what cheep toilet paper is........thought of you Sam.
Sam D.

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No exaggeration, Bob. I am a magnet for insects. I might be emitting more CO2 or my blood type is an attractant. Who knows. Day 1 - I applied eucalyptus oil spray when I was not soaking. I had 0 bytes. Day 2 - I partied too much and forgot to spray myself. 30+ bytes later reminded me to spray myself.
As I said before, YMMV.

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Michelle and I were at the springs for the last five days. Neither of us were bitten by anything.  Maybe the winds on Wednesday night blew them all away, or maybe somebody is exaggerating.

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We were there last part of October and noticed a tremendous amount of flies.
Sam D.

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Got bitten 30+ times in 3 days. I am an insect magnet. Your experience may vary.

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How are they this time of year?

Heading out next week hopefully!
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