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Yep, that's my understanding as well.  For this trip I'll be leaving the two wheeled toys at home.
Salt Peter

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I think what redondo Dave is saying is the vehicle has to be licensed/street legal.
redondo dave

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Just remember that a motorcycle and you need to be licensed in a National Park and on most
County roads. I hear fines are pretty hefty.

David & Suzi

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So this was the first video hit for Dedeckera Canyon:

I'll take the longer route. 😉  My buddy and I have some, but not a lot of off-road experience and I know my truck is far from the ideal for this sorta thing which is why I've been staying off the 4x4 marked trails.  No point in becoming a road block for a few days.  One of these days I'll need to bring some dirt bikes with me and check it out. 

Thanks for the timing info.  That'll definitely help plan the trip.

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Set up like you are the only place I can think of that you might have any difficulties, beyond weather issues, is in Dedeckera Canyon if you decide to go from the springs to Eureka Dunes via Steel Pass. The dry falls there might be a challenge for your long wheel base. A search of YouTube videos for Dedeckera Canyon should give you a good idea what it's like.

Timing pavement to springs? North Pass 2-3 hrs, South Pass 3-4 hrs, Steel Pass 3 hrs, all give or take half to twice depending on you and all of the other stuff that comes into play driving those roads.


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Looking to drive down to Death Valley again this year (from the Bay Area) and want to do something different.  Considering coming up Saline Valley from the south and will end up over at Eureka Dunes... or maybe go the other way is better?  

Would be traveling in a '02 F350 crew cab/long bed/4x4.  Plenty of clearance, but nearly 30' long.  Running BFG KO2's with good tread.  Have real chains and will bring them. 

From what I gather from the road reports, as long as I go slow, carry a full size spare (two?) I should be good this time of year assuming I keep an eye on the weather.  Plan is to go the first week of Jan.  Haven't done this road before, but have been to Eureka Dunes, Racetrack and done Titus Canyon and been fine.

Also: what's a reasonable time to do the ~80mi?  We'll probably take longer since we'll stop along the way for photos.

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