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hi, toddlesnbits, read the south pass posts and decide for yourself, but the last report about deep snow on the south would tell me not to go that way in a car
Bob from Tahoe

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thanks for the info!
so....   now it looks like we're meeting people coming from the south after all...  
i guess my question is which way is "safer" in a subaru under current conditions.  
thanks all!

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I made 7 trips in my 04 Outback last season, with the last one in May 13 that punched out a tire and tore off my exhaust, hence now the truck
found this Thanksgiving trip that the even the graded washouts were a challenge and I was glad to be in the truck instead of the Subaru, however my friend made it just fine in her Outback, my mantra "easy does it does less damage",  the rocks are still big and rough for any car to get over
Bob from Tahoe

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Hey toddles.....yeah, its doable in a Sub Outback.  As you're most likely aware, the North pass has been graded recently and washouts fixed.  However, drive slow (sharp rocks) and if it snows while you're there....well, that willl jack things up for you, especially if you don't have chains, etc.

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hey friends, looking to come in on the north pass for the first time over new years in a stock subaru outback, accompanied by friends in a higher clearance vehicle.  doable?  utterly foolish?   

honest opinions/advice please!

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my tracking NWS reports since Thanksgiving shows only 1 inch of new snow at north pass on 12/7 and 1 inch on 12/19, and temps in the 40's and 50's otherwise, but my chains are still in the truck to make sure I don't need them.
Bob from Tahoe
RC Pilot Jim

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Kurt, check out my pictures on the post "South Pass ..November third". The worst is the time it takes - 4.5 hours without stops. The North for me takes about 3 hours plus the hour on pavement from Olancha to Big Pine (traveling from San Diego). I prefer the North because less time over washboard and I overnight at Big Pine anyway. At almost 70 I do the trip in two days. 

Still South Pass is an "adventure". If you have a "capable" 4WD, at least 9" of ground clearance and the time,  its not a bad trip - just a long one.

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I have just heard from the Inyo County Road Department. They have made it to, and repaired the big washout at Willow Creek, and anticipate being at the Springs turn-off by Friday. The plan is they will continue improving the road to the south beyond the turn-off. Kudos to the crew!

Great news. I still wonder if they will ever do anything to the South Pass road which has been "road closed" for years now and from what I've heard has some pretty terrible washboarding. I've only ever come in from North Pass down to a little past the salt trams.
Major Tom

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I have just heard from the Inyo County Road Department. They have made it to, and repaired the big washout at Willow Creek, and anticipate being at the Springs turn-off by Friday. The plan is they will continue improving the road to the south beyond the turn-off. Kudos to the crew!
Big Jeff

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This is a fine example of the true Saline Spirit and team work.   Kudos to the ones that organize and to the ones that help.   Great job.

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Though we came in that night in the dark I keept looking for the deep steep crossings.  I was thinking that wasn't all that bad.  I noticed all the work on the way out and now know why I couldn't find the bad spots.  Great job guys!  A big help for the guys bringing in long trucks and anyone with a trailer.
Salt Peter

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How awesome!
Thank you thank you thank you. What a way to come together.


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Wow! Thanks! Great restorative effort! Good weather to do that kind of work. I hope to be able to do my part over the holidays.

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Here is the merry Bat Rock Road road crew.  Left to right in Photo 3338.


Manuel.  From Spain.


Ben.  From Los Angeles.


Lisa.  From Sacramento.

Bonneau Dickson.  (The wine guy.)  From Berkeley.


Tiffany.  From Mammoth.


Mary Anne.


Carson Ken.  From Carson City area.





Not shown:  Bonnie, Jeb's red coon hound.

I was very pleased by how much we seem to have improved the road.  We graded down the two worst dips and generally improved the road considerably for somewhat over a mile.

I encourage people to have a road improvement outing on every holiday period.  If we can round up 10 to 20 people, we should be able to improve a mile or more of Bat Rock Road.  Bat Rock Road is 7.0 miles long so over half a dozen holiday weeks (two years?) we could do the whole road.

A good outing is about three hours.  That is half an hour to get out there, half an hour to get back, and two hours of work/play.  Two hours of work is in fact play.  If it gets beyond two hours it becomes work.

Anyway, thanx to all who participated.  I hope to see you there for Presidents' week and/or Easter.  (I have family commitments over Christmas/New Years.)

Bonneau Dickson  (The Wine Guy).

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I might be there around the same time. Driving a '97 Tacoma with Four Wheel Drive Pop up.
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