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my oversized tires measure 29 miles, but 32 is good for normal tires, or 51 km for my Canadian truck
frequently a drag is resting at the intersection also on a little hump on the southeast corner
beware of false takeoffs in the wash before the turnoff, they are a broad angle whereas the turnoff is an acute angle (and they thought I slept through geometry)
bob from tahoe

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In the good old day, the welcoming Bat Rock guided me in the dark of the night toward the springs. Now, we have a big ugly tire at the turnoff. To those who buried the bat rock to deter tourist, it didn’t work.

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32.5 miles looks just about right. I have not been there in five years, but I doubt things changed that much. When I used to come from the North Pass, and and saw on the right side of the road a big piece of old laminated wood, I knew I went too far.!Ang020ZoFKOwjRhVEP5P5rEWLR81   - first part of Saline valley picture story!Ang020ZoFKOwjRnoavpaA0fQlJiy  -  second part

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Bongo Brian

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Thanks Sam! 
Sam D.

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It is ~32.5 mi to the turnoff and another ~6.9 mi to the springs.
Bongo Brian

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Hello Saline Community,

I'm a seasoned Saliner since the BLM days and I've never bothered to pay attention to the mileage from the pavement (North Pass Wacouba Saline Valley Road) to Bat Rock road turnoff. Another post said it was 32 miles, but that seems too little. Of course I know where the turnoff is, but I have some friends driving out for their fist time at night and would like to know for sure. I'd like to avoid putting in a temporary road marker on a stake a the turn off if I can.

Appreciate your help! Blessings and happy soaking...
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