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San Felipe

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I came out on 21 February. The road was clear except for this: 13 rolled truck.jpg  I righted the truck for them. The highway patrol came in response to the rollover. There was a fair amount of spilled motor oil. This happened very close to Bat Rock Road as they were leaving.

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Drove in via North pass on Dec 27, left on January 1.  Wish we could have stayed longer.  No trouble except for a broken leaf spring hanger on out toy hauler.  Frame design flaw, weld held but ripped clean hole in trailer frame.  Pete the welder from Bishop fixed us up and reinforced all of the hangers. 
We'll definitely return. hanger.jpg  Pete.jpg  Blade.jpg  Trailer.jpg


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Drove from South to North today (190 to 168) in a Jeep Wrangler and smooth sailing to whole way -- no washboard to speak of and Bat Road was clear too.  I came across this capsized vessel within a 1/2 mile of 168 around 2:30 p.m.  Driver of the Range Rover left a note stating she was OK and had gone to get help.  Didn't see her.  Be careful out there and Happy Holidays!  


Salt Peter

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Posts: 608
Great report even though not my choice of vehicle. Amazing to see the bobby. I've seen one on Death Valley Road on the descent from North Pass.
Jim Y

Posts: 1
Went to the Springs on Dec 13 from North Pass and came out South Pass on Dec 16 total about 100 miles on dirt road with a 2007 2WD Honda Odyssey. Armed with air pump, full size spare and patching materials. I have a 150W solar panel on top of my van. It end up nothing happened.

DSC06191.jpg  DSC06195.jpg 

Both North and South pass is in good shape. Any 2WD vehicle with higher clearance is passable, just drive cautious and slow down on rocky sections.  I do not recommend sedan on this roads.   

On the first day in on North Pass, a full size 4WD truck passed me at high speed (about 40 mph), later when I turned left to the warm spring road, I saw the guy had flat tire just before the bat post.

DSC06251.jpg  DSC06256.jpg 
There was only a few vehicles on the Spring campground. I noticed the older folks soak in the pool for hours, even when I woke up next day at 7am, those folks were already in the pool. They don't care the skin come off? 

The Warm Spring section is pretty rough, drive slow you should be OK. On the way out, I saw 2 huge grader on the South Pass. The road is excellent condition until about 10 miles to 190

DSC06846.jpg  DSC06847.jpg  DSC06848.jpg 
About 2 miles from the Warm Spring Rd on the South Pass, I encounter the burnt Jeep Grand Cherokee, 

DSC06853.jpg  DSC06855.jpg   
On the way out about 10 miles from the Boxcar cabin, there is a 7000' mountain pass needs to go through. On 2 locations my van front wheels spin on the steep grade. It was pretty scary. I wished there is some 4WD truck pass by and pull me up the grade, but there were no other vehicles in the last 2 hours. I backed up about 200 feet to a level section and speed up to gain momentum. I barely made it to the summit and on the way down hill. 

I stayed in the Boxcar Cabin for 2 days and 2 nights. It was nice but has tons of mice came out at night. I noticed mice poo was everywhere on the kitchen counter.

DSC06884.jpg  DSC06862.jpg  DSC06864.jpg 

On South Pass, I spotted a magnificent Bob Cat stared at me.   

I rely on the Garmin GPS on the whole trip, it pin point to the Springs and Boxcar Cabin. No errors what so ever. 
I will go next time with a more suitable 4WD truck and bigger solar power generator, so I can go further and feel saver.


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Just returned from North Pass. Road is in awesome condition, some wash boarding on the last 2-3 miles before Bat Rock Road. Also aired down to 25 and kept it in 2nd gear for most of the drive. Cheers!
Salt Peter

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Posts: 608
I know the crest of the Whites got a dusting but from looking at the Owens Lake webcam the Inyos appear snow free. I'd bet there will be new road updates soon since it is Thanksgiving and lots of people heading in.

Posts: 61
Went in North pass Nov. 3 rd, came out yesterday, the change in road conditions were unbelievable.
Going in, the road was a pleasure to drive on, until after Willow creek.
Going out the road was about the same from springs to Willow Creek; the alluvial fan and Whipoorwill Canyon were fair and showed the most change in conditions, on top it was not too bad.

Going out we were passed by eleven vehicles, also going out, cars and small trucks.
Never saw them again, but by the dust clouds, they were all traveling way too fast.
This type of driving is the major cause of the reported punctured tires and rapid wash-board build-up.
We saw plenty of potential tire-poking rocks along most of the road.

We passed 4 vehicles going out, all were parked at side of road.
In 24 years going to the springs, I have not had any rock caused flats on my truck, only one nail at the springs.
However, it did take me a little more than 3 hours from springs to Big Pine; fast for me.

Happy Soaks

Sam D.

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Posts: 806
Went in on Sat and came back last night. The N. Pass got significantly worth in just 5 days. When I was coming in I barely experienced the washboard on the graded section. When I was driving out I felt new and still mild washboard at many portions. Quite few people experienced tire punctures. It was a wishful thinking the road stayed so great. I'd give it another 2 weeks before the washboard gets bad.

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The Inyo County road crew did a fantastic job on the North Pass as far as Willow Creek.  The road is as good as it's ever been, albeit quite dusty.  The part between Willow Creek and the Bat Rock turnoff is still rough with very sharp washboarding.  Bat Rock Road is in normal condition with nothing to cause any concern.

The crew is done now, and they've taken the graders back out of the valley, presumably to get ready for snow removal in the coming months.  Rather than hauling ass on the new road surface just because we can, maybe we could try taking it easy for a while and enjoying the trip.  That would keep the road smoother longer.........
Yeah, I know.  Ain't gonna happen.  I can dream though, right?

Posts: 12
Traveled in via N. Pass on 10/27 and back out on 10/30.  As previously reported, the road is in excellent condition at higher elevations yet devolves to heavy washboard round about Willow Creek.  

*The fastest way in and out of the valley is to drive slow and avoid damaging your vehicle. 

Posts: 20
Hi there, I was on North Pass the weekend of OCT 13 and the road was no problem. No washouts and no areas requiring 4x4. I aired down and stayed at a low speed and enjoyed the view. No idea on weather since then, but graders has graded the road 19.2 miles from the pavement. Rest was just standard washboard. Should have no problem with a Ram truck at all. The Death Valley Road Conditions Facebook page has up to date info as reported by visitors and the rangers. I sent them a FB message to get current conditions and they responded within a day.

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when out on North Road yesterday.  It is ok, there still are a couple small washouts, but graders are hard at work.  
Sam D.

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Posts: 806
My last info has been that the graders made it to Marble Canyon about 1/3 of the way from pavement to the Bat Rd. Both passes can wash out and become impassable after the first rain or snow. The roads do not get graded to the springs. The graders do not grade the Bat Rd so the last 7 miles sometimes are the worst part.

Posts: 56
North Pass in good condition. Upper part is being graded so much smoother. Last hour and a half still washboarded but driveable.
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