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Simon Lang and I came out the north pass on 11/26/2018.

There was no snow at all along the way and the road was in very good condition.  

One could have made it in a two wheel drive sedan.

Some washboard at places.  Just drive slowly.

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north pass in awesome condition all the way and bone dry, but watch for a sand pit just before the top going out, likely to become a mud hole with the weather coming in.

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On Friday November 16 Inyo County grader working on the road about 5 miles north of Turtle Jim's.  Came back out on Sunday November 18, the road is in very good condition with the usual bone clattering washboard at the bottom of the valley.

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Correct. We left midday on Thursday and they were grading in a northbound direction a couple miles north of the Lippencott junction.

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When we drove in  on Wednesday, November 7th, the North pass was being graded by an Inyo County Road Crew  Grading was complete from  the turn-off from the pavement to Paiute Canyon.  I heard from others who came in while we were there that the grader had made it a couple miles further and had started working on the badly washboarded stretch north of Willow Creek.

As usual, the road that has been graded is very smooth and dusty with lots of sharp rocks turned up.  Take your time and be courteous by slowing down when passing other vehicles.  Nobody likes to be "dusted", especially when the road is this silty. 

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After coming in South I left via North Pass Friday (3 days ago)
The North Pass was in excellent shape. Almost no washboard and road graders
were still there actively working.

Closed signs gone.  only one spot where extra care is needed. A light to medium washout
on the SV side just below the summit. May even be fixed soon.

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We went in and out via the North Pass on 10/5 and 10/7 respectively.  The road is as good as I've ever seen it, top to bottom. 

The storm that passed through on 10/6 passed directly over the South end of the valley, so didn't affect the North Pass.

*10/6 storm did put the first dusting of snow of the season on the Inyo range

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My partner and I just drove out of North Pass yesterday. The road is good, some minor washouts, there’s a “Road Closed” sign in the middle of the road just outside of Big Pine, but one can just drive around it. Best of luck, and have a great time!

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I don't know about a specific brand but always get link chains (with the studs) and not the ones they sale for cars (radial tires). You want as much bite as you can get off road.

Nordic Double Diamond Studded Net Link Chains

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The most accurate forecast,I've found,is here-

here's the N pass-


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For those interested, here is a link to weather at the top of the pass:

lon=-118.024972, lat=37.072629

And, of course, weather in the valley:

lon=-117.462280, lat=36.481972
Major Tom

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Please post any up to date information on the north pass in this thread. Anything older than 30 days will be subject to deletion as we go along.
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