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paul belanger

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About 3 years ago, Miller's rate for DV recovery was $285 hour. Portal to portal. Portal being Lone Pine. I thought it was fair. He doesn't mess around, gets to, gets it hooked up, gets on the road. They're good poeple. Definitely have the right equipment for the job.
Tahoe Tammy

Posts: 24
I think it was $1,500

Posts: 14
Do you mind sharing how much Miller charged you?

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Are you the truck that was blocking the road, or the van that was not blocking the road?

Posts: 7
My truck is outta there! Thanks to Miller for getting it out [smile]

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CJ and I can confirm the report of the truck blocking North Pass. It's in a pinch point, too, so there is no way around it that we could see in the dark. We just tried the pass to get back into the valley, tonight. Got his 4Runner stuck, bottomed out in about 12" of snow burm in the middle of the trail, and spent about an hour getting through it, only to find the roadblock just a quarter mile beyond. I have GPS coords of the location of the block if it's helpful to anyone. I believe the truck belongs to Craig (owner of the dog Mav).

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Somebody call John Miller...
Tahoe Tammy

Posts: 24
Getting in and out of north pass is now blocked by a Ford truck with a camper. They tried to make it out but got stuck in the snow trying to get through north canyon.  The camper is apparently stuck just before you exit the canyon.


Posts: 31
You are local (I am in Bishop) so you know the current conditions; seems there won;t be anything significant to build snow level by Monday early. North Pass is about 7000' across Whipporwill Flats. From the pictures posted here a few posts above you can see what it looks like...where the camper is looks like about the 7000' portion. Safe travels

Posts: 20
Anybody seen any new reports on North pass?  I am thinking about trying it Monday AM.  I have driven it allot, but can't remember the highest elevation on that pass, trying to think about snow levels.  I am at 7k in Crowley and we have only got an inch or so since last week and snow levels are supposed to be pretty high tonight till tomorrow night.

Posts: 132
updated NWS forecast looks like almost a foot of new snow Friday through saturday

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I didn't take many pictures, I didn't want to stop going up hill in the snow.
Here is the wash, I think it was second dip after the canyon.  The canyon, and then just before the pass, closer to the pavement.
It was 8am and had melted then re-frozen, so following those tracks was like the Wild Mouse ride at a theme park!

There were tracks from truck differentials dragging through the snow, so I'd advise no low-ground clearance vehicles.

Wish I was there for the Presidents day weekend festivities!  
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Just came out of SV via North Pass after I heard about the Tacoma making it in last weekend. Still plenty snow in the narrow canyon south of the pass. I lost traction near the top of the pass in a steep and windy part, had to back down and give it few tries before making it thru. I sure did not want to put chains on in the fading light. I definitely don't recommend low clearance vehicles and would say going into the valley would be easier than climbing out of the canyon in snow and ice. Glad I went out this way as the washboards south of the dunes are terrible going in. Seen worst, but I only have so many teeth left that was not jarred out.

Avatar / Picture

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Excellent news, thanks! Now we have more options!

Can't wait for the pics.

Posts: 31
Two guys came in on the 11th, (Ram and a Tacoma) and had a rough go, but they blazed a trail with no chains. I went Out today (14th) with no major stops. About 2 hours from springs to pavement. YMMV. 
The road was pretty decent and the tracks are deep but I was going uphill.
Be cautious at a dip at the bottom of Whippoorwill(?) canyon, there is a wash. And at Willow Creek(?) the culvert has completely filled with sand/mud and it's starting to cut out of the road.
If I were to do it again, I'd throw on my chains through the canyon and pass to eliminate the anxiety. I wouldn't hesitate to do it with a 4wd truck but not my subaru - but as always - carry chains.  Just home, so I'll try to get to pics later. 
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