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Salt Peter

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Why would you take a chance with North Pass in its current condition if South Pass is doable?

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hi, forestgirl, right on death valley road 3 miles east of big pine, then right on dirt saline-waucoba road appx 15 miles -- street sign present, ignore road closed sign.
left turnoff to hot springs is about 31 miles, not marked, but a real track instead of the false takeoffs prior, then 6 miles to the lower springs, take it easy from the county road or the washes will bite your tongue and break your suspension.
at the top of north pass descending go to low range for 2 miles steep and narrow and icy
have fun, I am 2 weeks later
bob from tahoe

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Hi, Forest Girl,
Your Mitsubishi may be dragging on the snow a little on the way down Whippowill Canyon. It might be challenging. Bring chains if traction becomes a problem.
Check out maps, Google Earth regarding the directions. Here is a lino to look at and print out:
Be careful and good luck.

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Hi all, can anyone PM on best directions.  I'd like to come in the North Pass tomorrow (March 14), first time visiting (like where to turn and what to avoid).  Also do you think a 4 wheel drive Mitsubish Endeavor would have trouble with the road if drive carefully?
Thanks, Forestgirl

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Hello Sonoma1.  Looks like North Pass open, but I would take extreme care with it.

Leave your vehicle at Jeff's Country Kitchen in Big Pine.  Go in there, talk to the owner, and enjoy a great breakfast.  The owner is a nice guy and will allow you to park at the place.  Also, it's on Hwy 395, so it sees lots of CHP action.

Hope all works out will for you.  I'll be hitting Saline Valley on April 11 or 12th for 5 nights.  See you all there...

I'm a happy Saline Valley "camper" and explorer.  Please feel free to email me anytime, as I love meeting new friends.

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Came out on Sunday. Muddy, but the snow had melted a lot since a few days prior. There will likely be a just a few patches by the 19th. It was no problem with a 4WD

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Any update on North Pass? Hoping to come in 3/19. Also, any recommendations on where to leave a two wheel drive in Big Pine for a few days? We would be willing to pay, not that it's a nice car...


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Good update on N Pass conditions. Also, if you head that way there is the common "Road Closed" sign at the turn off from Hwy 168 out of Big Pine. The County road dept does that to try and keep tourists and their Corollas from getting stuck and worse. They also have the Death Valley Road posted as closed; rest are listed as open which includes Saline Valley Road...if that is accurate (might be because the "closed" for DV Road has not been there previously).

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I went in the North Pass, Wednesday, 3/1, mid day and used granny and first gear in 4L without chains, in a Tacoma. The road was one rut for each side of the vehicle; there was mud, running water, packed snow and ice. I bottomed out on some snow in the road's center, but never got stuck. There would have been trouble if I'd met another vehicle as there were NO turnouts. I made it into the springs in LESS than 3 1/2 hours from Bishop. A cyclist from Bishop made it in N. Pass in ten hours, but he thought he walked three miles in the mud. I went out the South Pass Saturday, March 4, and it was fine.

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A 2 wheel drive Tacoma came in from the North Pass Friday....When I asked them they replied  "we don't think we can make it out the  north due to snow and mud"...Like Fred said a deep double track that you can't get out of and filled with mud often.  The South Pass is a sure snow or mud as of yeaterday.

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Any update on the pass recently? Looking to head in this coming weekend.

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North Pass on October 25, 2016.  As can be seen in the photo, the road condition was perfect, and the weather was great.
 If you've been to Saline Valley, you'll recognize this location, on the way to North Pass.  Such a lovely place at the 5500' elevation.  I had to stop, pull up a chair, pop the top on a beer, and admire the beauty of this breath-taking valley.

I'm a happy Saline Valley "camper" and explorer.  Please feel free to email me anytime, as I love meeting new friends.

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Hello Farmer Fred.  Thanks for the info about road conditions up North Pass.  I was planning a trip next month, but I think I'll wait until Easter week due to snow.  I have a very capable 4wd truck, complete with snow tires and chains, but I really don't want to encounter deep snow.  The great thing about snow over North Pass is that it will keep my ice chest, and my love of beer very happy!

I'm a happy Saline Valley "camper" and explorer.  Please feel free to email me anytime, as I love meeting new friends.

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Went out the north pass Saturday 3 pm.  Deep ruts / tracks in the snow say 18 inches of snow. Could not create new tracks , wheels forced to follow existing ones.  The problem is the tracks are full of mud , no snow in them / MUD. Slip and slide , poor traction in 4 wheel drive but I made it w/o chaining up.  My rig a full side p/u with a smaller cab over camper. Going in to the valley would be easier as the hill up going out is steep and contains snow drifts.  
I am the owner of the van that is currently stuck on the side of the road, North pass. I am not blocking through traffic. I will attempt to retrieve it tomorrow, (Sat. Feb 24). I heard there is chance for snow Sat night, so I'm trying to beat that. Any eyes-on info for road conditions would be awesome. Thanks guys.
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