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Major Tom

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Dusty, why dont you read any of the number of posts recently submitted just above yours?

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We are headin to the valley next Saturday in a VW van. I've been to the valley 20+ times and understand the roads and whatnot. We went in and out North Pass in April 2015 in the same van. We will have a 4X4 Tacoma escort. Does anyone who has traveled this route recently think I will have any problems? Got the supplies... full sized spare, patch kit, compressor, shovel, axe, chains, tow straps, etc. Thoughts on current conditions? Will do South Pass if necessary, but we are coming from Tahoe, so prefer the northern route.
larry & gail

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Came out of the valley today. Road a little wash board but no snow and hardly any mud.

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Came out of Saline via the north yesterday. The deep ruts are much better. Only a few spots of snow and a few wet spots but nothing to prevent travel. Much smoother route than the south.


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Came out the North Pass today and it was nice. Couple muddy snow melt patches but nothing bad. 

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Currently, Mar. 17, the Big Pine road is listed as open.  Actually, now almost all the roads are open again - Titus opened yesterday, Artist's Drive open with nice new pavement, West Side road open and not muddy (much).... just Scotty's and lower Wildrose still closed.  And Hunter Mtn still very much snow and mud.  


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We came out North Pass Wed am with no problems. Have a Tacoma w/16" clearance, used high range 4x4 but the clearance is no problem. 2 women came in over the weekend when the snow was really deep with mud and they made it in a Subaru hatchback.
Porcine Satori

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Any updated information on North Pass would be appreciated. Also, whether anyone has gone over the Death Valley road from Big Pine to Ubehebe (which I understand has a closed sign) since it was closed and knows the condition. We hope to go over either of these roads, but preferable North Pass into the Saline on the 18th. Two 2nd generation Tacoma's with Four Wheel Campers, 4wd, lockers, beefed up shocks, series E 10 ply tires, onboard air, and recovery gear but no winch. Thanks to all who contribute here. It is a great resource.
Salt Peter

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I'm with encore. Relax and recharge. If you want to jam out to loud music just put some headphones on and go for it. You won't be disturbing the peaceful silence and serenity of Saline.

Terrawanderer is correct with his account of those Tacoma's shortcomings.

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I have no problems with any gender going to the springs... I just have a problem with ppl so smashed that they couldn't make it to the toilet, but had to crap in the middle of the beautiful bathroom and leave it there for someone else to clean up.  Or others so dumb and unprepared, to not fill up their gas tank before heading to the springs... and subsequently having to beg everyone for gas.  Or others blasting techno music all night long keeping everyone awake.  Please tell me when did saline turn in to burning man...??!!  This all happened on presidents day weekend, and just what I know about... I go to saline to soak, recharge, relax, meet some "good" ppl, enjoy the scenery and the stars.  Hey I don't mind if ppl want to enjoy some libations, but If I wanted to hang out with disrespectful piss drunk noobs and douchebags, I would have gone hot tubbing at a frat house.  And the last couple times I've been out there, the crowd is getting sloppy... slippery sloppy slope... you know how that goes. I've been to too many hot springs that have been commercialized, trashed, and eventually shut down.  If you guys make it so damn easy for jack-holes (not saying "forestgirl is a jackhole) to come to the springs, we're all gonna get what we deserve... 

 okay i'm done ranting.

Just say no to shirtcocking, or donald ducking! [biggrin]

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Hey webboy....I was there and saw that Tacoma broken down.   A few facts....That era of Tacoma had a bad lower ball joint/ many failed.   The drag mark from that front tire was 15 feet speeding there.

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and the purpose of this forum IMHO is to facilitate enjoyment of ALL to the beauty and beatitude of our beloved oasis (sexual orientation irrelevant)
bob from tahoe

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encore889--you are soooo insensitive and last century; perhaps he (or she or) is simply identifying as a girl today...tomorrow, who knows???

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Direction above are fine but not really helpful for a newbee at night. Get a good GPS unit; turn off coordinates are (NAD83; 11 S): 421465 (E), 4070659 (N). Check that out on Google Earth as also mentioned above.

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20161025_372.JPG  20161025_370.JPG Back in late October of last year, we came across this truck as we were leaving the hot springs.  I assume another case of a driver going way too fast.  This truck was maybe a mile west of the "bat" on the road to the hot springs.  I've measured the distance from the main road to Middle Springs at about 7 miles, and I allow an hour.  I take it easy, as I don't want any issues.  Please be careful out there!

I'm a happy Saline Valley "camper" and explorer.  Please feel free to email me anytime, as I love meeting new friends.
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