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Is this the one you were looking for?

RC Pilot Jim

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My computer crashed recently and I lost many of my favorites including the Link to the weather service for the GPS coordinates for Saline Valley Hot Springs. 

Would whomever has it please give me a copy?


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Would like know North Pass Road condition currently. Planning on going in on the 10th or 12th. Towing a Tear Drop with a Tecoma Off Road.

Thank You
Barbaque Bob

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came out south pass sunday, very easy trail, 2wd all the way.

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Sam, Thanks for the road report. Will have to make a scouting trip soonto see how bad it really is. Lots of road work being done along Westguard Pass. The whole area must of been hammered by T-Storms.
Sam D.

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"Saline Valley Road: Multiple areas of debris and washouts. Very rough and rocky. High clearance and 4x4 needed. Severe washouts toward North Pass and the Big Pine Road closure."

I've heard South was not any better.

It's a no-go for my rig.

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Just drove by the Eureka/Saline road turnoff on hwy 168 and saw big Road Closed sign. Any idea why it is "closed"? North Pass accessible? Not that I am ready to go in yet as it is a tad too hot still.
Salt Peter

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Thanks for the info. Planning on heading into the area in the near future.

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Following storms in Owens Valley area and to east last week all the road signs out of Big Pine read "Closed" (e.g., Death Valley, Saline Valley). That said, they always do that to discourage people unprepared for bad roads. I talked to a reliable person in Bishop 2 days ago who had just gone to the Springs via North Pass. He said was rough but doable; several mud flows across road to springs from Saline Valley Road (he was driving a very nicely equipped Tacoma). So, second had information but likely good. Although it is now open with traffic controls, Hwy 168 east of Westgard Pass into Deep Springs Valley got hammered. No road damage but a lot of flood debris. Safe travels!

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Went out North pass a week ago. In good shape but had some rough spots and light to medium washboarding.
Airing down tires (don't do this for standard car tires- or sidewall punctures are more likely) if they are off road
tires gives smother ride.   Entered via South pass which is in better shape.
charles kissinger

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i was there for the week after easter and  i think  north and south passes were in very good condition except for some washboard as usual , this goes to show why you cant rely on other peoples road reports , you have three different opinions of the road all of which were driven aprox. the same time

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I drove in the North Pass on Saturday, April 21st and came out yesterday, the 24th.  I'd say the road is in "Standard" condition, given the circumstances.  It was graded smooth late last year, which makes everybody think they can drive way too fast.  The washboard we see now is the direct result of that behavior.  The stretch just north of Willow Creek is very bad, as usual, but the washboard is quickly creeping up the grade and even the top of Whippoorwill Flat is getting rough. 

Take your time, enjoy the drive and everything will be fine.
Salt Peter

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Left North Pass earlier this week and it is in the worst condition I've seen it in for a long time. Very washboarded and rocky. No washouts as to be expected since there has been little rainfall/precipitation in the area this past season.

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I came out the North Pass on Monday, 4/2/2018.  It was a piece of cake.  No snow at all on the road.  One could make it in and out with a conventional two wheel drive sedan.

But be aware that rain is forecast for the San Francisco Bay Area on Thursday, 4/5, and some of it might get to Saline Valley.

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Hello everybody,

I'll be leaving the Sacramento area tomorrow morning, headed for Middle Springs, via North Pass.  I don't see anything "today" recent on this post, regarding road conditions, but I assume everything is OK.  I'll see you all tomorrow, and will be camping until this Sunday, April 1st.  Looking forward to the visit, and I'm looking forward to seeing all of the wonderful friends I've acquired over the years during my visits to Saline Valley.

I'm a happy Saline Valley "camper" and explorer.  Please feel free to email me anytime, as I love meeting new friends.
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