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I have a Nissan Frontier 4X4 with a HEAVY cabover camper in the back. I'm a little concerned about the sand trap by the Bat Sign. Any thoughts?

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I just went in and out North pass Friday and Monday.  Road is smooth and passable with any vehicle.  Bat rock road is a little rough but I think any vehicle with off road experience could make it.  Reports were that south pass was almost as good as north.  Steel was said to have some roads that were dead ends and you had to turn around if you choose the wrong way.Tubs were great and we had fast moving air Sunday mid day till we left at noon Monday.  Hope to out again this weekend.  Happy travels...

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Went in and out via North Pass Sept 21-23 in a Chevy Astro Tiger PROVAN 2 Wd. Only rough spots after turnoff from Saline Valley Road. Drove in after dark and didn't realize how "reorganized" the road was until I left. Stayed until a herd of jeeps showed up.
Hi Desert Warrior

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I came in the North pass last Sunday and out last Thursday.  The pass is in very good condition.  Last May there was heavy wash board from Willow Creek to the Bat Road turn off.  This is gone and the road is smooth.  Only problem on the north pass as you go from Hwy 168, after passing Marble Canyon and starting the accent toward the mountain pass, the road climbing out of Marble canyon is washed out with small rocks in the road.  It is passable going both ways just need to keep the speed down to be in control so you won't be sliding around.  Some areas of the road I got up to 50 MPH before I realized it and slowed back down to 30 MPH.  The bad spot is the Bat Road.  One area is soft sand for about 10 yards and deep.  I made it without four wheel drive but a 2 wheel drive would be better going around the sand on the left side going in.  A little rocky but passable.  The worse part is past the Bat pole, the road is washed out in many places.  Lee put some rocks out to block areas that looked like a road and wasn't.  So people would not mistake a run off for the road and end up in a dead end.  

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C'mon people, slow the hell down. A freshly graded road does not equate to increased speed. Take your time and enjoy the trip in. It's all part of the adventure.

Salt Peter

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That is nuts. Attention to the road becomes more imperative with any increase in speed. Knowing where those dips are is a necessity. Hope the occupants are ok. I'd like to attribute this to being new to the area but I also don't like to be a Monday morning quarterback.

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We drove in the North Pass on Sunday the 15th.  As noted above, the road was as good as I've ever seen it.  We passed 6 vehicles leaving while we were coming in. Four of them were Subarus of various descriptions.  A competent driver should be able to access the Springs in just about any vehicle for a while.

I mentioned "a competent driver" because apparently, some people still can't figure it out.  About 1/3 of the way down the long straight grade into the valley, we encountered this.


The truck was completely off the road on the east side.  We stopped to check it out and saw that it had been extensively damaged.  The left front wheel was completely gone, the left rear leaf spring and shock were broken.  Both airbags were deployed, the windshield was broken and the front bumper and radiator were caved in.



We figure that the driver was going WAY too fast when he hit the dip just behind him.  It appears that the truck became airborne for about 35 feet, coming down off the graded road, on the big rocks along the left side.  We searched for a while, but never found the front wheel.  Both doors were locked.  I guess the driver didn't want anyone to steal it before he got back.

When we got to the Springs, we told Lee about it.  He hadn't heard about it yet, so he called it in.  Miller's Towing came in and removed it on Tuesday or Wednesday.  The fate of the occupant(s) is/are unknown at this time.

Now that the road is graded all the way past the Bat-Rock turn, we can probably expect more of this type of thing.  Remember, folks; "Just because you CAN go 60 mph, it doesn't mean you HAVE to!!"

Drive Carefully! 


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I don't know about a specific brand but always get link chains (with the studs) and not the ones they sale for cars (radial tires). You want as much bite as you can get off road.

Nordic Double Diamond Studded Net Link Chains

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The most accurate forecast,I've found,is here-

here's the N pass-


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For those interested, here is a link to weather at the top of the pass:

lon=-118.024972, lat=37.072629

And, of course, weather in the valley:

lon=-117.462280, lat=36.481972
Major Tom

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Please post any up to date information on the north pass in this thread. Anything older than 30 days will be subject to deletion as we go along.
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