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Traveled in via N. Pass on 10/27 and back out on 10/30.  As previously reported, the road is in excellent condition at higher elevations yet devolves to heavy washboard round about Willow Creek.  

*The fastest way in and out of the valley is to drive slow and avoid damaging your vehicle. 

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Hi there, I was on North Pass the weekend of OCT 13 and the road was no problem. No washouts and no areas requiring 4x4. I aired down and stayed at a low speed and enjoyed the view. No idea on weather since then, but graders has graded the road 19.2 miles from the pavement. Rest was just standard washboard. Should have no problem with a Ram truck at all. The Death Valley Road Conditions Facebook page has up to date info as reported by visitors and the rangers. I sent them a FB message to get current conditions and they responded within a day.

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when out on North Road yesterday.  It is ok, there still are a couple small washouts, but graders are hard at work.  
Sam D.

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My last info has been that the graders made it to Marble Canyon about 1/3 of the way from pavement to the Bat Rd. Both passes can wash out and become impassable after the first rain or snow. The roads do not get graded to the springs. The graders do not grade the Bat Rd so the last 7 miles sometimes are the worst part.

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North Pass in good condition. Upper part is being graded so much smoother. Last hour and a half still washboarded but driveable.

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North Pass in good condition.....came in on Saturday with no problems for any high clearance 4 X 4....

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I don't know about a specific brand but always get link chains (with the studs) and not the ones they sale for cars (radial tires). You want as much bite as you can get off road.

Nordic Double Diamond Studded Net Link Chains

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The most accurate forecast,I've found,is here-

here's the N pass-


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For those interested, here is a link to weather at the top of the pass:

lon=-118.024972, lat=37.072629

And, of course, weather in the valley:

lon=-117.462280, lat=36.481972
Major Tom

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Please post any up to date information on the north pass in this thread. Anything older than 30 days will be subject to deletion as we go along.
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