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Thank you for your response! I haven’t been in years and the springs have been calling my soul. I will be there soon [smile]

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went in north pass Wednesday and out Sunday, road conditions dry and very good, 72 minutes between pavement and bat road, felt I was taking it easy, was aired down to 25 psi on truck tires which helped the ride and let tires squish instead of puncture, several people had flats so don't forget the full size spare.
I am planning a trip to the Springs on the North Pass in the next couple of weeks. I've got the right vehicle plus chains. Are there any special considerations I should make before I make the trip? Thanks!

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The jeep is about a 1992 grand is burned to the ground with about a third of the guys is on the road near the dunes....he almost made it to the springs when he says the dash caught fire.....he had a fire extinguisher and tried in vain to extinguish the fire.....but no avail....he is at the springs and is not about to abort his trip !!  Your friend took off Friday night about 9 pm in the wind and hasn't been back as of sunday at noon....but someone said he would be back tonight.  He left some of his gear at solar don's old campsite and it is all still there as of noon sunday.
Salt Peter

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I know the crest of the Whites got a dusting but from looking at the Owens Lake webcam the Inyos appear snow free. I'd bet there will be new road updates soon since it is Thanksgiving and lots of people heading in.
water girl

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That's cool (or hot if your car is on fire), we had epic rain in the sierras for a few days - glad it missed the valley!!!

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I heard it was an autobahn. No snow or anything. My buddy also helped a guy whose Jeep caught fire!!. Anyone hear anything about that?
water girl

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Anyone have an update on the North road after the rain? Heading in just after thanksgiving.


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Went in North pass Nov. 3 rd, came out yesterday, the change in road conditions were unbelievable.
Going in, the road was a pleasure to drive on, until after Willow creek.
Going out the road was about the same from springs to Willow Creek; the alluvial fan and Whipoorwill Canyon were fair and showed the most change in conditions, on top it was not too bad.

Going out we were passed by eleven vehicles, also going out, cars and small trucks.
Never saw them again, but by the dust clouds, they were all traveling way too fast.
This type of driving is the major cause of the reported punctured tires and rapid wash-board build-up.
We saw plenty of potential tire-poking rocks along most of the road.

We passed 4 vehicles going out, all were parked at side of road.
In 24 years going to the springs, I have not had any rock caused flats on my truck, only one nail at the springs.
However, it did take me a little more than 3 hours from springs to Big Pine; fast for me.

Happy Soaks

Sam D.

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Went in on Sat and came back last night. The N. Pass got significantly worth in just 5 days. When I was coming in I barely experienced the washboard on the graded section. When I was driving out I felt new and still mild washboard at many portions. Quite few people experienced tire punctures. It was a wishful thinking the road stayed so great. I'd give it another 2 weeks before the washboard gets bad.

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mid 70s during the day 45 to 50 at night!  Perfect
kate hawkes

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Hi - planning to come in Thursday -Sunday this week - wondering what the temps are? how warm (hope a lot) how cold (hope not much) and on Nth pass South sounds a bit rough, as always...

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A Tesla has a flat a full skidplate .....and no exhaust or other things to tear off.  Some have a three inch lift air suspension......and some have twin drive motors.  The ones I have seen at the springs were company cars.....not personal cars.  This is not a good comparison......
James Sel

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"Fix-a-flat"....LOL stay home until you have a proper vehicle and equipment

Who is going to rescue you if an issue arises?

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If a Tesla can make it in.... I would guess that anything can be driven in with the right amount of attentiveness in the rough sections.
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