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After coming in South I left via North Pass Friday (3 days ago)
The North Pass was in excellent shape. Almost no washboard and road graders
were still there actively working.

Closed signs gone.  only one spot where extra care is needed. A light to medium washout
on the SV side just below the summit. May even be fixed soon.

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I am planning a trip in later this month. I will be driving a sprinter any update on north road conditions would be appreciated.
Sparky of SoCal

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Going to hit the road up out of Swansea Saturday and deal with whatever amount of dusting is left up there. Then drop down Lee Flat and see what happens.

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We went in and out via the North Pass on 10/5 and 10/7 respectively.  The road is as good as I've ever seen it, top to bottom. 

The storm that passed through on 10/6 passed directly over the South end of the valley, so didn't affect the North Pass.

*10/6 storm did put the first dusting of snow of the season on the Inyo range

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My partner and I just drove out of North Pass yesterday. The road is good, some minor washouts, there’s a “Road Closed” sign in the middle of the road just outside of Big Pine, but one can just drive around it. Best of luck, and have a great time!

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We're going in on Sunday evening or Monday morning. I'd be grateful for any North Pass road updates from recent travelers.  Thank you!

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As a heads up I watched a significant storm dump rain into SV today from my vantage in the Cottonwoods. It appeared to get worse and exit via Steel Pass but it is really hard to judge where things are out there and the radar coverage really stinks too. Anyway, be aware conditions may have changed as of today.
Soakin' Stu

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No problem. I'll make every effort to post here if I can't make it. If I get stuck, it's good to know someone is coming on Friday to rescue me! [crazy]


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Stu. we're hoping to use the North Pass to get in on Friday am, so if you get turned around on Thursday, would love to see an update here . . . 

Sam D.

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I'd keep am eye on the storm. The road might be washed out in places
Soakin' Stu

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The official word from the Inyo County Road Department is that they cannot recommend taking the road when the "Road Closed" sign is up. Unofficially, I'm told that the road is passable for a 4wd high ground clearance with no major washouts. I'll be heading in on Thurs or Fri.

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Inyo Co has a "Road Closed" sign for Saline Valley Rd on the 168/DV Rd cutoff out of Big Pine, but they usually have that when the Saline Valley Rd is rough--they do it to keep tourist with Corollas out. Of course that does not mean the road isn't washed out somewhere; it is a stupid way for them to mark the road. Takes some calls and being on hold but you can track it down through the County road dept. 

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You may want to keep an eye on the weather. A flash flood watch for Tuesday and Wednesday has been posted for the desert southwest, including Death Valley, from the remains of hurricane Rosa

Soakin' Stu

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Has anyone been on the North Pass in the last few weeks? I'm looking to head in on Thurs or Fri with an Explorer and tent trailer. Thanks!
RC Pilot Jim

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Yes "Dps.." Thank you.
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