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Came out of the North Pass Monday 4-15 - road is in really great shape, no problems at all in moderately built Jeep Wrangler.  Beautiful drive with all the snow in the mountains.

Just about any vehicle can make this drive now that the pass is open, but if you don't have all terrain tires (preferably "LT" rated) and a full sized spare, you shouldn't chance it.  We saw several flat tire situations and I believe all got out with some assistance.  Also, carrying a patch kit (they are cheap from Harbor Freight) and even a decent portable 12v tire inflator will add some security.

Great to meet SilverBob and all the other fine folks at the springs!

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Not much to add to tpine's post.  I went in on 4/12 and out on 4/15.  The North Pass Road has never been easier than it is right now.

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Left by the North Pass on 4/9 - pass is dry and easy - smooth sailing. More pleasant than our trip in on the South Pass.  
UPDATE 4/3: The white truck was towed out around 12pm using a tow dolly and large truck. So the road is cleared. Thanks for the good thoughts, etc. This obviously is an option for those in this predicament who would not like to pay $2000 dollars for a tow from Miller's. I feel for that price for only 20 miles of well graded dirt its not worth it. This was much much cheaper and all part of the adventure. 

To answer a question as to how fast we were going, make and model.....We were only going about 10-15 MPH as the grade/washboard 
does't allow for much faster speeds. We didn't hit anything, it was a catastrophic fail more or less. The Tacoma is stock, a 1998 with 200,000+ miles on it. Sounds like there is a flaw in design for this era of tacomas. Makes me a bit nervous about my 2004 Tacoma now. 

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Went in North Pass on Friday. Smooth sailing in my 02 Tacoma TRD, never even turned on the 4WD.

We had a Mazda CX5 with us on 19" wheels and highway tires, and even they made it with no trouble. All the way to upper springs. Although I am not condoning such behavior [wink] as it is risky to use those tires out there.
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went in Friday and out Monday, North pass really is clear, no snow on the road and ruts filled in between
still use 4x4 to decrease wheel slip on uphill and add control on downhill
not much flowering going on at saline, though some pretty plants with red flowers at the palm springs shower not seen before.
bob from tahoe

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Just came out of the north pass with 2 SUV crossovers with street tires and it was in tip top shape, had no issues. 

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I went into the valley via North Pass on 3/19 and left on 3/26 in a 2006 Subaru Outback. I have AT tires on it, and had chains just in case, but to me the road seemed very manageable. There are some deep ruts, and spots where snowmelt keeps things slick, but my vehicle never slipped. I didn't get into any of the deep ruts, but they weren't too difficult to avoid (I kept it under 25 mph the whole way, and was usually under 20 mph).

I spent my week there backpacking in the Inyos, and there was still snow coming down at elevations lower than North Pass, so conditions may have changed since my visit, and could certainly change in the future. Having chains made me less nervous about getting stuck there if it snowed much during my visit. Having extra days of food is another nice way to clam those nagging worries. 
2 weeks ago it was not a problem with a 4x4. I went through while it was snowing, and the snow level on the trail was between 1.5 and 2 feet; but it was totally fine. While Hunter mountain was more a snow and mud fest, North Pass was fine. And since then, the weather has been warmer; so absolutely no issue for any 4x4.

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Current condition of the north pass is no snow on the roadway. There are patches of snow beside the road and muddy spots. Some ruts left in the roadway. Good tires are highly recommended.


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Just out the north - fresh coating of snow. Couple of inches. 4wd and high clearance only imo!

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I went in via North Pass on Thursday March 7, and exited North Pass on Sunday March 10. I have a F-150 4WD. To me, it looked worse than it was.  There was probably 18" of snow in some spots, with deep ruts that were very muddy and slushy. We never experienced any problems, other than any vehicle would need to have good clearance.  We did drag a little on the high snow in the middle of the ruts. The only issue that I saw is that once you are in the ruts you will likely stay there (I couldn't get out of them, once in) and that could make things very difficult if you encounter someone going the other direction, or there's some rock fall that you have to get around. There was just a little fresh snow. It was fun.
P.S. or BTW, the no-see-ums are heating up. Not too bad yet but we did get some bites.

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The North Pass has been very sketchy in the last week. Last Wed my wife and I attempted to cut first tracks in the snow and it was incredibly slushy and muddy with about 6 inches on the road and over a foot in the drifts. We didn’t end up making it and made camp up there and then went around through South pass. As of yesterday there was at least one party that made it over N pass reporting it still extremely sloppy and difficult. I’d recommend chains on any 4x4 through there until it melts.

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Went through the north pass on the afternoon of the 4th. Made it through with little issue with 4wd Grand Cherokee. This was before the recent precipitation
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