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To pick nits, a 2x2 would have no trouble because it's a 2WD motorcycle.  The first number is the number of wheels (actually, axle ends) on the ground and the second number is the number of wheels (axle ends) that are driven.  So a two-axle 2WD car/truck/van is a 4x2.
Sam D.

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I posted my report here:

My SUV had higher clearance and AWD. I am not saying 2x2 is impossible but you are going to work a lot to make it without breaking down.

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Has anyone been to the springs from the south pass in a 2x2 in the last week or so?  how was it?
Geo Mitch

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I don't visit the web site much but I have just reviewed some of the posts regarding my van stuck in the wash.  I came in over Steel Pass on August 31, and yes I did come up through Dedecara Canyon with my 4x4 van and trailer.  I have been trough that way many times in the that van.  I was coming down the wash when the T-storm formed just up stream from me and it started raining hard.  As I was looking for a way to get out of the wash I lost my steering when the drag-link broke.  I managed to get the van stopped at the high cut-bank where I climbed out, it was facing down stream.  I did get back in to get some things (but not my rain jacket) as the water was rising.  The flood waters rotated the van and trailer around so the van was facing up stream, then it was pushed down wash about 100 yards or so where it got hung up on a gravel bar so it was out of the main channel.  About 10:30 PM the flood waters subsided and I was able to get out to the van and get my rain jacket and some other things for the night.  It was still raining with a lot of thunder and lightning but the main part of the storm moved to the NW.  About 1 AM the stars came out and I decided to sleep in the van.  The mud line in the van was about a foot above the floor so my bunk was still dry but there was an inch or two of mud on everything below the water line.  I hiked down to the springs in the morning to tell Lee what happened since he was expecting me to be in camp at Palm Sp.  Then I hiked back up to to start digging the mud out of the trailer; that took a day and a half.  On Monday I knew I wasn't going to get the van and trailer out by myself.  I got a ride out with Ranger Jacob on Tuesday and a friend picked me up in Lone Pine.  I retrieved the trailer and bike the following weekend.  We got the van out on September 23 and I drove it down to the lower camp. Digging the van out and getting the engine started is a story in itself; you can ask me about that sometime if you see me at the springs.  It was running hot because the radiator was packed with silt and sand so I left it at the lower springs.  I have a new radiator now and will be going down again to put it in and then hopefully drive the van home.  I don't think I will fix the body damage, those are battle scars and make a good story.   Geo Mitch
Big Jeff

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The first three pictures here are from Saline Valley by Ranger Jacob Tung posted on 9/11/13 at the DEVA Facebook page.   Date of pictures unclear.

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... but if you are there feel free to do some digging around the tires, it would be appreciated!!

Wish I lived closer, or was headed south earlier.  Broke down is bad enough, but adding a severe flash flood sure makes it go from bad to worse in a hurry.  Sounds like you'll have it out by mid October, but if not I'll have a go with a shovel.  Best of luck with the drag link replacement!
Sam D.

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You might want to check this post on this forum before you go via North:


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We are planning on heading in to the springs next Thursday, September 19th. Planning to try North Pass. We will let you know what we find and attach photos of the damage. 


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ski3pin over at Wander The West just posted this jewel. Death Valley road conditions as of this morning.

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I am a kiwi guy who is lucky enough to come over to USA at this time every year for work, and have been to saline most years since 1996. I am for the first time ever blown away by the degree of damage to the nth pass and road to the springs this year. I thought it was bad enough last year that I rented a motorbike to take in there, but this years damage puts that all to shame. As an earth scientist I always thought that the WHOLE valley looked active in a fluvial sense (ie occasionally the floods cross all points of the valley floor) and this has proved it to be so. I reserved next week to have time off at Saline at the tail end of a three week work trip, but by the look of things I will instead be heading to my second favorite spring in Nevada. 

Thanks to all of you who will be working on the access to the springs in the next week or so, and if you think you could do with help from someone with a not so rugged jeep then let me know and I will see about changing my Nevada spring plans.

Yonderman :-)

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Well, our jeep isn't ready for the trip, but I always am.  Unfortunately I can't pull off this weekend because of prior arrangements, but if anyone is heading out anytime thereafter, I'm willing and ready to wield a shovel, pickaxe and/or digging bar to get that road passable.  I live in Bishop, so I'm on the way.  If anyone wants some help, drop me a line on here and we can work out plans.
Big Jeff

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Awful quiet here while we wait for Silver Bob's return and report, but in the mean time a couple of things to ponder.   Weather events and flash floods happen from time to time, some big some small, but people have already or will, get into the Springs.   Ranger Tung made it and took Geo Mitch out, Geo Mitch made it back in to rescue his trailer and others might have stumbled that way.   For sure the roads/trails/paths or what ever is left will be bad but people with Proper Vehicles and The Skills to use them will start to complete the journey.   If you don't fit into the above catagorie beware, can you imagine the cost to have Millers Towing come get you out.   The road will improve over time so be patient and when it is your time, bring shovels and picks and adopt parts of the road on your way in and out.   In closing if you are not a member of the SPA join and everyone Donate, both are relativly painless.

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Thank Mitch.  Glad you got out OK.  That would have made some priceless video--but I'm sure you had other things on your mind at the time [eek]

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How was the south road when you went out? When you came back, which way did you enter?
Salt Peter

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Holy cow that is some information. Sad too. Gonna be a tough season for Saline travel.
I'm sure Lee will keep an eye on your van in the meantime.
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