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Sam D.

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Water at the springs was covered in this post a while ago:

You might want to ask people in this forum to deliver a gallon or two and leave the water with the camp host.

Personally, I would not venture anywhere without 1.5 week supply.

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Hi folks, looking for a little info about drinking water.

I've a week in DV from 3rd March, my intention is to bike-pack my way from Homestake Dry Camp east and north to end up at Eureka Dunes.  Then take the trails south to the SPA before heading back east to Homestake.  All assuming that the trails are open and weather co-operates.  Doing this solo means I hope to do a car drive around to Eureka and drop off some water bags there and also along the way before I begin riding... 1 gallon is ok to ride with but 2 gallons will be a pain.  Now I'll not have been able to do a water drop between Eureka and SPA and I consider this could be a two day ride.  Arriving at SPA then I'm gonna look like a dried prune, skeletal and probably about to have kidney failure.  So, at last my question..... is there any water source between Eureka and SPA or is there ample drinking water at SPA to take away?

Comments, opinions greatly appreciated.

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