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Salt Peter

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Welcome to SPA.
What a thread revival! 5 years

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Um what?!  NO!  Lee has been out there for 20 years!  He does a great job! I love Lizard Lee!  The fact that he doesn't interact much is a good thing, means he avoids Spring drama.  I haven't been out there in over 10 years, but will be there in 2 weeks.  I'm really happy to hear Lee is still there cause we always bring him boxes of goodies.

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     Lee walks a fine line.
     He must juggle the needs of the users with those of the NPS.
     He must be at the ready in any emergency regarding the welfare of those at the Springs.
     He must be prepared to arbitrate disputes and stop problems before they begin.
     So if you are out on a holiday disrupting the are going to have problems with Lee.
     If you are quietly enjoying the Springs - maybe contributing a little towards it continuing will have no problem with Lee.
     All of this while he subsists as a volunteer host.
     If he is too anti-social for with it!


i've been going to saline for about 3 years, last time i was there was my first personal interaction with lee (he has helped my campmates in the past), i didnt know who he was at first and just saw him as an isolated person, didnt matter to me if he grumpy or friendly or anything the point is he provides a great friends may have not have been able to make it out before the snow if lee wasnt able to help with there car.  he provides a good service, if he was a jerk, lazy and a drunk then maybe get him out, otherwise shut up and enjoy the springs stop worrying about other people socialbility

Sam D.

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Well, you restarted the topic I hoped would go away. The guy posted a number of derogatory statements about the camp host after making an arse out of himself at the springs and being confronted. Ignore his posts all together. He's a troll.

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As a complete newbie, I speak. Why would anyone want to get rid of anyone else? The overwhelming attitude of tolerance is what enchanted me about this place. 

Sam D.

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Lee is in the Bible - check it out. 
From King James Bible, The Saline Valley Edition, Psalm 23:4 (b):

"Even though I drive through the valley of the shadow of death,
   I will fear no evil,
for Lee is with me;
   his shop and his tools,
   they comfort me."


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I remember the post that DesertMouse mentioned, about the "Hottie". I can think of nothing more dangerous to the freedoms we enjoy at the warm springs than making those kind of remarks, especially publicly. That place will be closed down in a heartbeat, and justifiably so. I cringed when I saw that publicly posted, and wish Mr. Moderator would have removed it.

In all the years I've been coming to the spring (first time in '66 w/ the boy scouts; more earnestly since '72) I have almost never heard anyone talk like that. Jeeze! For this reason alone I would say that I'm grateful to Lee if his presence can serve as a roach repellent, and this guy never shows up again.

I'm not social either, and Lee has never spoken 5 words to me, but I give him 5 gallons of gas rather than cart it back out, because I really appreciate him. He's exactly the right kind of person to have there, and if he was a Chatty Cathy, bumming around my camp, I'd feel differently.

Whew. Got that off my chest.
What happened to the werdo...i mean wanderer...A normal person would be defending his thread.

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I kindof like the whole thing of hes there but doing his thing and just letting everything work its way out ...Lee saved my ass last month ...I needed a peice welded on my truck ,I knocked on his door and showed him what I needed done came back the next morning and there it was all fixed  Hell im thinking he would of painted it if he of had some spray paint ...Gave him a spare 17 inch tire  for who ever and was on my way ...Handed him a little cash he was happy and I got home safe...Im glad hes there ... For me I know I could not handle all of the weekend yokel's that make it out there !!!


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Seems to me it's time to let this guy crawl back in his hole and ignore him.  Just because someone may have a beef with the camp host doesn't mean you have to defend Lee.  I don't feel like Lee needs defense.  There is now a thread on another Death Valley forum about this and the guy must be swimming in satisfaction that he has stirred up so much s%*t!  
Hotsprings Hound

Glen Alexander – you are the last person in the world that should have anything to do with Saline Valley Warm Springs. You were here last time I camped out at the springs. You are a pervert and a weirdo. Some of your actions while camping here are disgusting – you were seen shitting in the crystal pool at night. When you left your campsite there was human feces and toilet paper all around your camp. You left all your garbage lying around when you left. You sneak around in the bushes and paint and draw nude people on the lawn without asking permission to do so. If I see you camped at the springs when I am here (I come often) you will hear from me. This post is being forwarded to D.V.N. P. superintendant.

Have a nice day.

If you want solitude, there are far better places to go to be alone than the springs, don't you think?

-> Yes the Gobi desert would be a better bet. But a mile or so past the upper springs is a pretty good balance for myself. When it starts looking like Palm Springs I'll go ahead and pull up stakes.

(And Im always amused by name callers who wont be accountable by registering their identity. I guess they want solitude?)

-> Of course I want to rant with impunity, cowardly troll that I am. And I am reaching password-memory-threshold-burnout, as it turns out. But I wonder how one can be accountable to a screen name. Would you feel better if I registered as "desertstud1744" from now on? Haha.

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I am a registered reader of the SPA user forum; so far I just read when I need information or a break from the craziness of Nursing school.  I have never responded to blog or blither, but today after dealing with detoxing drunks with PTSD in a VA hospital, I just have to let loose on the RIDICULOUS notion of trying to replace Lee as camp host.  Clearly the writer/muckwracker has no history with the family of people who enjoy Saline Valley.  After 30 years of yearly visits to the valley, I can say to all who have railed against one Camp Host or another, is that time and learning to let things go and allow people to have their experience and lives is emulated in Saline Valley like no other place on Earth.  Surely the lesson here for the writer is to pick his fights with the things truly wrong on the Planet!  Saline Valley is what it is because we have seen that over time, we will ALL make better of our lives and our circumstances.   He will  try to exact his toll; his inner anger being exacted on those he deems worthy of his arrow.  But those of us who have appreciated the service and dedication Lee has gratiously balanced over the years know the value of a respected long term Camp Host in dealing with the Park Service and the random chaos at the Springs.   In tolerance we Trust!  I would suggest that The Wanderer aught to recognize his petty issues are his own and that the Saline Valley Family will respond with courtesy and love as Lee has done to all for a very long time.  Love, grace
Desert Mouse

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Well "Wanderer" - maybe you should go wander somewhere else with your lame ideas!
I have been driving alone into Saline Valley for many years! I have always felt very safe camping at the Lower Warm Springs, knowing Lee was around, as the camp host.
However, the thought of you ever being a camp host there, or being involved in finding a new camp host - for even ONE DAY - gives me the creeps, with your posts like:

..."if  she's the little hottie running around in the jeep, tell her to come by the springs for an in-person interview"


and then there was this lovely post:


"Black Rock? why would anyone want to hang out there unless burning man is going on and there's lots of T&A"


I know your type - You always complain about everything, and think you have a supposed better way of doing something - when you really don't have a CLUE!


Here's another ingenius post by you, where once again, you do not have any idea what you are talking about:


"i thought the topic is what the 'camp' needs NOT what lee needs.   i heard that he is an employee now paid via the US park service as one cannot be a 'long-term' volunteer for over 6 months per year.  he chooses to be there, no one has a gun to his head.  if you want a serious rant as to why 'lizard' lee should not be there as camp host then just poke me with a stick,  i'll be happy to comply."


Maybe you should devote more time on making yourself a better person, and stop WHINING and posting about things - you have no idea what you are talking about!



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