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Also off topic, but that is a cool rig--I'd love to see some pics of the interior.

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I don't need a ride, but that's a sweet rig.  Big Dave
San Felipe

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I expect to be going to the springs around 12/15 and coming out the first week of January. I will be coming from the south and can swing east or west on the way in to meet you or pick you up. I have a high clearance, four-wheel drive with tire chains. Getting in and out has always been easy for me. I can seat several but have less gear space than people space.

I'm currently at Joshua Tree NP and will probably spend a week or so at Slab City before heading back north. Dates and routes are both flexible.

I have attached a photo of my rig pulling some Russians out over South Pass after Thanksgiving this year. pulling some Russians up South Pass.JPG 

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