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Salt Peter

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Please stay on established routes/roads. DVNP hasn't really had much MTB growth/usage but there have been some recent interesting reports on IG from a group who rode the length of SVR.

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I used to ride my bike across to the dunes and McElvoy Canyon and loved the views along the way.  When you're on a bike you can really enjoy the view much more than when driving it.  Another option is up the Steel Pass road to the cabin or petroglyph canyon.

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A few years ago I biked on a hardtail up to the upper springs (the unimproved ones) and past there a bit. Then down to saline valley road and I rode that north and south before coming back to camp.  As mountain biking goes, it was nothing great, mostly either rocky or sandy, but it was a fun ride for the exploring. 

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You could go southwest and head to the sand dunes or go even further to Salt Lake, and check out the "Leaning Towers."

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With just about every square inch of land in that area being wilderness, I think the Steel Pass road is the only choice.

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A friend is bringing a mountain bike to the springs this spring and is curious to know of any good rides in the area.  I think the Steele Pass road going east might be the most obvious, but if there's anything else nearby that people can recommend, we would appreciate hearing from you!
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