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Mid-October is my favorite time at the springs.  The days aren't too short yet, and I haven't experienced anything too hot, or too cold.  Temperatures seem to be similar to those in late March or early April. From my limited experience and talking with others, I the wind storms seem a little less frequent in the Fall compared with the Spring.  A couple of times on October trips I have experienced some rain, but not too much.

The nights can be wonderful in October ... very comfortable.  If you want a midnight soak, just walk over, soak and walk back -- usually warm enough to air-dry on the walk back to your camp.

Sam D.

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Download pdf with monthly high low averages from the NPS' web site.

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For the past two years, I've camped at the springs during the last week of October. Perfect weather for me! And NO bugs! (I've camped there in April and been eaten up by no see'ums)
As far as kids go, there were always a few there with their parents.....having lots of fun! Kids seem to do better in the heat than adults anyway....something about higher ratios of body surface area to body volume. Ask an engineer! [smile] 
I usually camp at Panamint Springs on the way in/out. The elevation there is about 2000 feet.....the lower springs at Saline are about 1400 feet.  This temperature chart for Panamint was the closest I could find that compares to Saline. Seems about right in my experience. Probably a couple of degrees warmer at the Saline Springs though, being 600 feet lower.



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What do the temperatures run after dark?

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It gets dark early that time of year too.......
Chef Allan

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I have been there many times in October and the temp is usually in the low to mid 90's.

I hope this helps.
Bongo Brian

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I've been a Saline Valley regular since 1993. Mainly Thanksgiving, X-Mas/New Years, Spring Break and one very hot August. I have a pretty good idea about weather, but I'm not sure about the second week in October (October 10, 2016). Any insights as to an average temperature range that time of year is greatly appreciated.  I like hot temps, but have to consider my kids and that I'd be bringing along another family with a 5 year old.

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