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Dee & Cheryl
Our hearts are saddened by this news.  "BD" was more than a friend. Words can not express the feelings. We are also grateful that he is no longer suffering. Love to all who knew this Wonderful Man!

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Mammoth Bob was a good man - many great memories of the times spent with him in Saline, talking with him about his plans to build on that land he bought, etc.
James Sel

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God bless Mammoth Bob. He was a good man. Thanks for letting us know about his passing. 

Bob thanks you for your service to our country and for you contributions to the SV community.  My you rest in peace................

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Mammoth Bob, a Saline oldtimer, passed away at exactly age 75. Robert Lynn Byars died on his birthday, August 19, 2012, in the Reno VA care facility. Bob had been diagnosed with incurable liver and kidney cancer earlier this year.

In the mid 1950s, Bob served for 15 months in Korea after the ceasefire came into effect. During the Vietnam war he was in merchant marine and made several trips to the war zone.

Mammoth Bob started coming to Saline more than 35 years ago. He lived and mined for gold in Marble Canyon with his friend Hardrock, and for a time Bob lived in Hunter Canyon until his trailer was vandalized. When he wasn't wintering in Saline Valley, Bob went south to Baja.

Many will remember his big blue bus and Ford truck with a boom on it, which was frequently used to haul broken-down vehicles into camp for repairs or to Bishop. He also hauled in his welder on a trailer, and welded together broken exhaust pipes, mufflers, and axles. He never asked for payment for repairs, and was satisfied with whatever he was offered.

I got to know Mammoth Bob during a huge dust storm in the early 1990s. We sat in his bus and watched the dust cloud from Owens Lake roll over the Inyo mountains and into Saline Valley. When the cloud reached camp, visibility dropped to zero. At that time Bob camped on the low ridge south of the arrowbushes. John and Mary Spence were camp host, and Mary's father, Hardrock, camped near Bob.

After John and Mary retired from hosting, Bob moved his camp to a site off the road to Palm Spring, a place he called Checker Gulch because in previous years that is where Checker Larry camped in his Checker cab.

Bob spent his last years in Goldfield, Nevada. Bob and I bought several lots at the Goldfield Day's land auction in 2000, and hauled in a mobile home. Bob built a living room addition and put in a large window with a great view of the entire town. Bob enjoyed watching the wildlife that came to his water bowls -- cottontails, jacks, quail, and chuckers, his favorites. He also saw deer, pronghorn, burros, coyotes, bobcats, and a lost baby bear that was "rescued" by BLM.

After Bob was diagnosed with cancer, I spent three weeks in July with him. We said our goodbyes on August 1. Claudia, who had been with Chili Bob in Saline and now lives in Goldfield, helped care for Bob until he asked to be taken to the VA care facility, where Bob's daughter, Jodie, and his grandson, Tim, came and stayed until his death.

Bob was a generous man who helped many in Saline and elsewhere. He had a good sense of humor, and was quick to chuckle at my jokes and kidding. Despite the steadily increasing pain, I think he deliberately held on to life until he reached his 75th birthday.

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