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I just read the newsletter. It sounded like a good meeting, and I like this quote:

"He also stressed that we should not fret over the management plan and there would be “no dramatic change from the way it is”

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Thanks to all of you!

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I don't know if many of you wander over to the Home Page for the Newsletter, but you need to check out the SPA Board meeting with the Park Superintendent. It was well attended by both SPA and NPS representative's. There are still many unanswered questions about the future of the valley and we really didn't get much information about what will happen with the Management Plan.
We did get a go ahead for the maintenance of the Volcano and Sunrise tubs recently, which need some badly needed work. I don't know if many of you realize that SPA voted to fund the Wizard tub project, and bought the materials , that was spearheaded by Silver Bob and a great group of volunteers last year. I hope we can do the same with the work that needs to be done on the other tubs. I believe that is a good use of your generous donations.
I want to emphasize that SPA is working for you, the users of the Springs. We donate our time and our money to see that you are represented at the Park level. When the Management Plan does come out, whenever that is, we will be there to voice our members opinions.

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