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I was there a day after the brutal W-storm,  about a foot of sand in the Wizard and Volcano!  Then the next three days were absolutely gorgeous, then it got real hot, up to about 110 degrees.  As I was following the shade from the palms around Volcano, I watched a two and half foot rattle snake strike one of the ring neck doves, it died within minutes!  Later it's partner came in the middle of the palms checking on him/her and was very confused.  There was no one around for four days at palm springs and I gave the dove a nice burial.  I can't imagine being out there this time of year with the heat and rattler's!!! 

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About the same time (same storm?) I was leaving Saline and got caught by a sandstorm crossing Death Valley itself. I couldn't even see my own windshield wipers. It was like I had plowed head first into a dune. Very glad I wasn't outside or in a tent that time. Worst I've ever seen anywhere in the world.

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2 weeks before that  we had some strong W also,so strong  and so much sand we couldn't see from the Crystal pool to the bathrooms.
If you want advance warning, learn to identify the lenticular clouds forming, that is the best warning. Spring time in the desert! 
Rusty Scout

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no tent or temporary shade structure is 100% safe in Saline EVER!  
charles kissinger

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It is the desert any thing can happen at any time  , you need to be ready for all of it or just deal with it
Farmer Dean

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Radical self reliance.

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Had a nice time in Saline for a few days - it really blew hard the last day though.  50 mph sustained straightline winds.  Blew over part of Lee's solar farm even.

Was cool to see all of Lee's pet burros, including the 3 week old.  He has them pretty much tamed - they follow him around and he feeds them treats.

I did find it a bit strange that there was no warning for this storm.  Normally I see the camp host walk around and warn the tent campers to batten down the hatches so that they don't get completely blown away.  Should Lee have some sort of a radio so that he can get warnings about weather events like this and let us know?
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