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Traction mats can really save your bacon if you get in trouble:

You can also get folding ones that take up less space in your truck but the rigid ones are a lot more stable under a rotating wheel.


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I'm coming in the weekend after that, hopefully with the road moderated.  
WalMart usually has decent chains in truck sizes for reasonable, so no excuse not to have them.
I hate to put on chains, but carry all 4 for the truck, with the superstition that if I have them then I won't need them !!!! (and if you don't have them then you will need them)  This is a remote area where you need to be prepared to fend for yourself, though the Saline family is very friendly and likely to provide assistance (depending on how much liquor you can share).
Bob from Tahoe

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I'll echo peneumbra's advice.  Good chains are worth their weight in golf when the SHTF.  Even cheap cables are better than nothing, but  real chains will last many years.

Oh, and learn to put them on at home in the driveway where it's comfortable, not when you're stuck in a snowdrift or laying in a puddle of muddy slush!

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Buy some chains (seriously good ones) and carry them with you.

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Hi, all! Planning to come in Monday 3-20 in the afternoon via north pass(conditions permitting) and putting out the vibe for anyone looking to caravan. We've never come so early in the spring, and of course not after a winter like this, but from what I'm reading on here late march should be a fine time to try the pass. As long as the roads don't get dumped on too much more. We will be in a stock Tacoma 4x4 and do not own chains so will decide closer to the date if we will need to get some. Any advice in the coming weeks is welcome. Thanks!
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