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One time, years ago a group pulled into Palm Spring in a couple of vehicles to find that their basset hound was missing from the back of one of their pickups.  They had gone over some bumps on the main road in and figured it must have gone over the side.  I don't remember if they headed out to search for the pooch but the next day it walked into their camp no worse for the wear, but likely hungry and thirsty.  

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Does anyone know if the lost fireworks dog over New Years weekend was found?

Poor guy.

I hope the story ends/ended well.  

My German Shepard got lost on bat rock road a few years back during a sudden sand storm and resulting white-out.  
I was so grateful when I finally went to the springs and some awesome people ventured out and found him out by the sand dunes.

I don't know if I cried more that he was lost or that he had been found!  Still chokes me up!  Much thanks

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