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This is a flashback for us.  We had the same rug fly away from our site during a crazy windstorm too.  Geo Mitch clocked 38mph above the Palm Spring back in Dec 2017.

We found ours.  Here's a little snippet from our blog

We did a morning walkabout, thoroughly searching the desert for our wind strewn belongings and any other trash we could find.  We felt bad that at least one plastic trash bag had blown away.  But where was our camp rug?  We had said our vows on it last summer and it has sentimental value, plus we didn't want the burros eating it.

We searched west, then south along the washes for half an hour without results.  Finally I found a trajectory of beer cans and crushed Calistoga bottles heading SW into the desert.  Ah ha!  I locked onto that bearing and walked into the desert.  After 100 yards, there it was, our camp rug! It must have looked like Ali Baba, flying through the air.


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Hi friends,

On the day of 5/26, while we were sitting in the Sunrise tub, our beloved camping rug blew away.  It was a crazy windstorm, and I don't have much hope of every seeing it again, but who knows?   It's made of polypropylene (plastic) and looks like this (but much dustier and muddier):KarmaCoast Lounge-2_1.jpg I know it's a long shot, but if you see it or have room to pick it up, please email:

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