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I agree. I found a blouse of mine two months after I lost it there. I hope that Dan will take lost and found seriously.
Salt Peter

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But people return and are overjoyed when reunited with their treasures.

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I am only going by what he told me himself. He did ask for a box, but says he thinks it is a waste because people lose stuff then leave.
Sam D.

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I do not think Don opposes Lost & Found. Here's a post by Terawanderer stating that Don asked for it.

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Solar Don is opposed to having a Lost and Found, although a tiny box labeled as such is now in the upper spring loo. No knives or tools in it. Sorry.

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Monday before Halloween I set a Crescent wrench and a file on the table by the sink Palm Spring while beginning work on the shower valve. Very few campers that day but still gone in ten minutes. Sorry I can't mention who I think has the tools and very sorry I can't prove who took them!

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During the 2015 Thanksgiving potluck dinner, my 4-inch white handled, serrated knife was placed on the cheese board.  It then somehow wandered away.

My name and telephone number were taped to the handle.

If anyone has it, please let me know.

Bonneau Dickson
The wine guy.

510 845 8625

2428 McGee Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94703
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