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You might find them on the Saline Warm Springs Facebook page.  Even if you don't find them there, there are some beautiful photos and great accounts of some adventures at the springs.

While I'm talking about this, I want to shout out to Major Tom for having one of the most amazing Instagram pages I have ever seen.  His photography is unbelievable!
Sam D.

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I believe the "wine guy" is Bonneau Dickson who is SPA board member.

His forum name is bonneaudickson. You can try to email him or PM him.

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I just arrived back from Thanksgiving, FYI all of you left an indelible impression on me. I am always presently surprised by conversations I have and relationships I form. 
i am specifically looking for a woman I interacted with whom gave me her email address, which i have misplaced. Her email address looked like this .
Attractive in her early 50's lived in Israel for 7 years and I stayed up with her talking with the christian couple whom brought the supplies for silk screening.  The husband of the couple has a very back back injury and was in martial arts and MMA. 

Lol, ok I just made myself laugh with my description, but can anyone help me. 

LOL!!! Fyi, the guy whom brings the giant bottle of wine to the thanksgiving celebration and has a last name that starts with bonn has her email address. 


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