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Ground clearance and wheel base.  The Expedition is going to be a bit on the long side meaning in a few spots you will be doing multi-point turns and various shimmies.  With a longer vehicle it is really nice to have a passenger along who can get out and reliably spot you.

For reference I usually would get down in a Toyota Pickup in about 45 minutes.  When I brought someone else along with a Excursion (even larger than the Expedition) it took nearly two hours because of all the slow multi-point turning and spotting necessary.

So I expect you'll be just fine if you take your time and have an extra pair of eyes to guide you.
Thanks DPS medic. So the issue is more of a ground clearance deal than all out rock crawling traction?

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I think you would be ok. Have to do a couple of 5 point turns on a switch back or two. If you have good ground clearance and some skid plates there is one section a couple hundred yards long about mid way past the narrow sections which would take some route selection for anyone. There are some posts of folks doing it in full size pickups and a couple of trailers have gone down that I have read about. The photos below show the narrow section.
So would I be going full retard if I wanted to go down Lippencott (from Racetrack to Saline Valley) in a 2015 Ford Expedition? It has all the off road goodies and Goodyear Wranglers but it’s also 20 feet long. You could probably fit an FJ in the wheelbase. Think it’s passable? From what I see on the various satellite images, it’s doesnt look too washed out like it does from some YouTube videos taken about 3-4 years ago, but that’s just an assumption at best. I’m adventurous and like a challenge, however I don’t want to die so I figured I’d ask here before throwing caution to the wind.
Salt Peter

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Came into Saline via Lippincott last week. Several spots required some spotting and taking the right line. I think it has degraded since the last time I drove up it just over a year ago.

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Came in on March 23rd.   Dry and in good condition after rains on 3/22.
Erik Hadinger

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Went up Lippincott this morning to the racetrack Road is in good condition very passable. But yes you still need 4 wheel drive to go up Lippincott!

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We came down Lippincott on the 4th of December and I found it in much worse shape than I have ever seen it.  Oddly enough I dissuaded a couple of folks from driving up it in their Subaru and 2 ladies who were trying to get to the Racetrack in their rental car.  Kinda makes me wonder how many people are tempting fate by trying to drive up that when nobody is there to tell them about road conditions.

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Here's the narrowest section on the road, first weekend in November. This is an extended cab F150 4WD. Pretty much a rock crawl above this point, I wish I had taken some photos of that!  It was definitely more difficult coming down than going up, just like climbing a mountain. I was very surprised by the large number of vehicles. 24254834_10208225503753716_2275410107282054882_o.jpg

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We went down Lippincott Pass on the day after Thanksgiving on adventure bikes.  This is a steep, rocky descent that requires some experience.  We have smaller bikes that are mainly dirt bikes and they did fine.  We came on two larger adventure bikes that had dropped the bikes and were nervous.  We gave them a pep talk and they made it ok.  They said they were fairly new to off road riding.  We saw several 4WD going up, one was a 1962 International Scout.  They took their time and made it.  

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Lippincott is in amazing condition, IMO.  Best I've seen it, the lower valley floor is even graded smooth.  

We went thru in my Crewmax Tundra with Northstar camper.  zero clearance issues.
Heres the narrowest section.  Hug the wall.

Exposure is high, yes.  Don't fall off.  But the view is worth it.

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Entered the Valley via Lippincott on 2/26. Difficult coming down, but not impossible. Washouts and fallen rocks are definitely hazards, but any experienced 4x4 driver could handle those. We took a rental Jeep Compass down the pass, but it got a flat. We were able to finish the pass with a doughnut. I would recommend any high clearance vehicle (shorter wheelbase is better) with strong off-road tires and a full-size spare.

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Left the valley via Lippincott on 2/20.  The canyon is a bit rough going up and a short wheelbase is definitely helpful.  It is narrow and there's one slide that a high center of gravity vehicle might have issues with (like a camper).  The recent rains had caused a few wash-outs and rock falls.  I would be hesitant taking a long wheelbase vehicle through. I had no issues in a relatively stock 80s Land Cruiser.

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That was our group you encountered. The Dodge was driven by one of our club members, Tyler. I was the very tall guy driving the white FJ Cruiser. I'm glad to hear you made it up safe and sound. Here's a video that I took of the entire descent down Lippincott. You make an appearance in it! 


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I drove up Lippincott Road on Friday 3/25 and the Subaru wagon was already gone. Another 100 yards and he would have been home free. He must have been right in the area of the 20:00 mark on the video I took

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