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The lower part is oddly nearly rock free, smooth like a fireroad and that continues much of the way. A few almost narrow spots and a few nearly rocky spots almost require 4 wheel drive.  The hard part is meeting others going the  opposite way as you and making those geometry classes almost make sense now.


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Came down Lippincott Saturday afternoon, actually better than last Fall IMO. Less than 40 minutes from sign at top to intersection with Saline Valley Road. Spot with chain link fence buried seemed a little more narrow, but I was driving a 06'Tundra double cab.

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Went up Lippincott through to the racetrack for the first time on Saturday. Road was in good condition. Driving a landcruiser lifted 3 inches here but I did see an unmodified 4wd truck make it through okay

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Went thru Lippincott for the first time on 4/14 going up on a stock 2014 4x4 T4Runner to Racetrack Valley. Road is deeply rutted in spots and real narrow on a few washout spots. Made it thru uneventful except when I ran into a JW coming down but we managed to barely squeezed by each other. He had to drive up the inside uphill side for us to fit and I had to really push real close to the edge. I used 4L on couple of spot but kept it in 4H for my peace of mind all the thru.

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I was at the Springs last week from the 16th to the 18th.  Went in the North Pass and came out the South Pass.  Both were in really great condition!  Did a side trip on the way out across the lower valley on the Ubehebe Road.  It and also the bottom part of the Lippincott Mine Road had been freshly graded.   We were in a 2 wheel drive Isuzu Rodeo and backed up to a turnaround point after about a mile up the Lippincott where the recent grading had stopped.  Looked like there were a lot of loose, uneven, riverbed type rocks on the surface of the road up ahead for a ways.

Jake:  It might be a little tight in a few places on the Lippincot for a full size pick-up, especially with a camper.  There are a few places where your drop-off side wheels might not be 100% supported, after the freshly graded part of the road.  It doesn't take long to get across the Southern part of the Valley, now, though.  It is a beautiful drive and might be worth a look even if you have to back up and turn around.

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We took a day trip from the Springs on 3/18 up and back on the Lippencott Rd to the Racetrack. Inyo county has bladed the road from the Saline valley road to the old Death Valley Monument boundary sign spot. They removed lots of big rocks thru the wash area and the road to the old boundary is wonderful. Thanks Inyo County. The remainder of the Lipp road is basically the same with narrow spots going up just beyond the old boundary sign. As we were going up we met another Tacoma coming down just beyond the monument boundary but could see it coming down from a distance and easily found a passable spot to wait. We had 2 Tacoma 4X4s. No real issues to report. Just take it easy. Lots of wildflowers near the overlook at the top of the road just short of the racetrack.

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We went up Lipp. a few days ago . Road was in great condition . I made it up in 2wd , but I have a built 4runner with 37's ... A few pics that show the narrowest section of road...


Nasty little drop off there , but nothing to stop you .
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Please post any up to date information on the Lippincot Road in this thread. Anything older than 30 days will be subject to deletion as we go along.
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