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From today at 2:16 pm
Blaise is a fellow Xterra owner.

Originally Posted by Blaise;2821817

Hunter mountain is super easy. 2wd
Lippincott is also super easy. You might need 4wd, I ran it only westward and it was super easy.

saline valley road is also graded. Many sections I was doing 50+.


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Yes, you can get from the Racetrack to Teakettle Junction, and yes, the Racetrack Road is closed to Ubehebe.  I'm sure the NPS would rather we didn't use that road at all, but it is still drivable, and there are no "Road closed" signs coming in from Hunter Mountain or Lippincott road.

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My post indicates someone went  to teakettle junction which is north of the racetrack Entering from Hunter mountain road..
and south from there down lippencott mine road.
I will agree that North of TeaKettle Junction may not be possible but this mans trip report indicates he was at TeaKettle which is on racetrack road and North of the Racetrack..

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Be aware that you can't go north from  Lippencott just yet.  The Racetrack road is closed to Ubehebe.  Ubehebe's road is washed out where the river crosses it.  And - Scotty's Castle road is still closed in both directions if you get to it from Ubehebe.
The rains did a serious number on all roads in that area!! 

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James Barnett October 24 at 8:35am From DV facebook page.

Just got back from 4 days on Death Valley back roads.
Hunter Mtn. to Teakettle Jct. and down Lippincott to Warm Springs were in good shape.
4 jeepers did this starting on Tuesday oct 20th from Saline Valley road south.
Ended up going out South Pass yester
day to Lee'sFlat.
Today we went up the backside to Cerro Gordo and over to the Salt Tram down to Swansea.
Thanks for all the work everyone does to maintain these roads, NPS and Inyo County.
tbone ribeye

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2 gents and myself from SLO county came down Lippincott Wednesday and found the road to be in good shape.  No problem for a stock Tundra 4by and FJC.  We had never driven Lippincott before and found it to be much easier than  feared.  That road has haunted me for decades and after coming over Hunter Mountain for the first time (stops at Hunter Cabin, J.O. Mine, and Lost Burro) we stayed in Homestake Dry Camp Tuesday night.  The descent went smoothly with plenty of road in the nasty bits and no need for any spotting.  We continued on to the Springs on great South Pass road and stayed the night.  Wind shredded my 16' Noah's tarp  yesterday morning so we opted to forgo further sand eating and headed back to the coast.  New Pelican cooler was money.

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Came down Lippincot on 3/23 in stock 2010 pathfinder. No problems at all. Did use 4L to keep speed down on steep sections. When I got to the bottom to take photos of the rock pile where it intersects Saline, a guy in a newer Wrangler comes down Lippincot and stops to ask me if I knew where we were at and where the nearest gas station was. Who in their right mind would go down Lippincot with know idea where they were? His passenger was busy trying to pull up a map on her Iphone - can't imagine that worked out to well!

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2-door Jeep with 2" lift, 33" tires, and lockers.
Salt Peter

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What were you driving?

I had a brief idea of camping one night at the racetrack and coming down Lippencott in my Tacoma/FWC combo. I've been down it several times before but not for a couple years.

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Went up Lippincott last week, it's in better shape than a year or two ago.  It needs a good storm [wink]

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Just came down Lippincott today. Us in a modified FJ (33" tires, lots of protection), another couple in a stock Cherokee.

In the FJ it was pretty straightforward, nothing truly scary though one fairly long rocky stretch (near the bottom, just before the aforementioned smooth stretch) of being very careful where the wheels go. Getting the Cherokee through required some very careful spotting at a place where there are two big rocks making a narrow passage. 

We passed an FJ going up who said he'd done it without problems but there were some tight spots.
N Igma

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General info on Steel Pass, Lippincott, Hunter Mountain, and part of South Pass.  Anecdotal info on the North Pass and Grapevine section of South Pass. 

Ten of us went in on the 20th and came out on the 23rd.  For reference we were mostly in Rubicon JK's, LandCruiser 70's and 80's and my little Samurai.   Most of us were experieinced but we had several newbies who did just fine.  We even had a stock Durango make it over Steel Pass but that was probably luck.  It took a lot of spotting and rock piling.  A little lift and proper gearing would have helped a lot with him.

Roads are generally in good shape. 

We went in over Steel Pass.  No problems.  It is more technical than the other roads but is lower.  No snow.  No mud/  There are the tights spots around some boulders on the descent and the four steps at the beginning to navigate but the road is pretty much as it was two years ago.  Steel Pass road becomes somewhat hard to follow as it gets close to the springs.  Hard rains a few years ago really scrambled the boulder fields.  Be careful to watch for cairns and other markings.   We went out the Lippincott and through Teakettle Junction to Hunter Mountain.  Hunter mountain had snow and large mud puddles.  No one got stuck but I would be careful since it would ice up if done early morning or after dark.  We went out at sunset and it was clearly starting to get really cold on the summit.  We joined onto South road and headed out and stayed at the Boxcar camp. 

Some of the party went out the North Pass with no issues reported.  One of them was a stock Durango.  He did it after dark so perhaps th deep mud had firmed up.  In any event he posted no warnings and got out fine.  We did not do the Grapevine section of the south pass but no issues were reported by other drivers.  The valley floor is typical.  some areas of washboards but otherwise fast moving.

Weather was great for us.  Happy Holidays

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The lower part is oddly nearly rock free, smooth like a fireroad and that continues much of the way. A few almost narrow spots and a few nearly rocky spots almost require 4 wheel drive.  The hard part is meeting others going the  opposite way as you and making those geometry classes almost make sense now.


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Came down Lippincott Saturday afternoon, actually better than last Fall IMO. Less than 40 minutes from sign at top to intersection with Saline Valley Road. Spot with chain link fence buried seemed a little more narrow, but I was driving a 06'Tundra double cab.

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Went up Lippincott through to the racetrack for the first time on Saturday. Road was in good condition. Driving a landcruiser lifted 3 inches here but I did see an unmodified 4wd truck make it through okay
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