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LIPPINCOTT   is open   but has slide , rock falls, on the road base that require a short wheel base vehicle to negotiate around.   someone came in on sunday, yesterday.

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As of New years weekend there was 2 rigs that we knew of that made it Down Lippencott. One was a all wheel drive Subaru and they said it was just fine and not washed out.
Mad Dog Kenny

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Hey Panda,
Cerro Gordo is a great trip in around June as long as you don' drop into the Saline Valley. Check out the altitude and you'll see how much cooler it is from the Valley floor. Try it in May but, still carry chains. Been there and Done that.
Mad Dog

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it looks like its snowing right now, perhaps I will look into a plan B. thanks!
Stuck Chuck

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Cerro Gordo is a steep climb out of Lee Flat. My guess there may be snow and ice on the climb into Cerro Gordo from Lee Flat.

That road faces east, therefore may still have ice. The ascent and descent are STEEP GRADES. They be impassable. Be prepared to turn around. Carry chains for all four wheels.

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Hello everyone!

I am trying to check if its possible to make the following route next weekend (April 3rd). I have been to Saline Valley via Lippincott, and I think its possible to get to Cerro Gordo from Saline valley road, but how are conditions on this route currently?

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