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OOPS, forgot to log in on the last response,

Ranger Rick of rickandurs


I think what Tom meant was the Saline-Wacoba Rd. in to and through the Saline Valley running north/south (or south/north depending on your perspective) is a county road, the Bat Rock Road, going east/west (what ever) is inside DVNP and is on NPS stewarded land, officially it is an unmaintained threw way.

The Saline-Wacoba Rd., for the most part, is on BLM stewarded land but it is a county maintained road.

NPS & BLM are both under the Department of the Interior but have considerable differences in policies of how the land is stewarded.

If you have a specific question on these types of issues I would be glad to help.

Please be sure to look at the  Saline Valley Management Plan presented by the NPS and make your response, remind others, it may be your only chance to voice an opinion on what may be dear to you.

Ranger Rick


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I thought Inyo County just maintained the Saline Valley road, not the Bat Rock road.
Major Tom

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To clarify, the road to the springs isnt an issue with respect to the EIS. It is the responsibility of Inyo County, not the Park Service.


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Would be nice if some fool didn't rave about the springs on Yelp. Was there over xmas and saw someone with a Prius. Seriously.

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+1 on low key.

My WTF moment in Yosemite thinking it wouldn't be that bad on Memorial Day: Waiting in line to drive to Glacier Point.

Oh, and it took us over an hour to get to the Yosemite Village store from tunnel view. 
James Sel

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I remember seeing commercials on nation TV advertising "visit Yosemite". I would have gone anyway. When I got there all you here from the park service is that they might close the Yosemite Valley to passenger cars and soon the way to visit will be bus & shuttle only. be cause too many vehicle emissions are killing the trees and just too many people for the environment in general.
That was WTF moment for me. Morrie has it right !!!

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I think one of the most important things is for the park service not to further publicize or promote the springs in brochures, maps, web site, or other means. They cannot handle a huge influx of visitors that would result from any type of advertising. The place is pretty low key now (except maybe at certain peak times) and I'm sure we all want it to keep it that way.

In that same vein I would hope that the road into the springs is not improved beyond what it is now, which appears to be minimal maintenance necessary to keep it usually open. I guess a good part of the route is maintained by the county.

I don't know if the above concerns would be within the scope of the management plan.
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