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On the way in last Friday, Audrey and I started having problems with the truck. We nursed it to within 'bout a mile of the lower Springs when it would go no more. Thank you to David in the Suzuki Samari for pulling us the last little bit, and also for rescuing our jerry cans.

A big thank you to John and his fellow campers for your compassion and for the ride to Big Pine. Here's hoping y'all got that tire changed without too much trouble. Note to self, always keep that special lug nut adapter in a safe place! And to John in the Samari going over Steele, here's hoping it was a trouble free and enjoyable journey.

Thanks to Lizard Lee for letting me leave the truck there till we can return and retrieve it.

And finally, thank you to all the fellow Springers who helped pass the word that we needed a ride to pavement and for your concern. It meant a lot to us and restored our faith in human nature.

John and Audrey in the grey Toyota pickup
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