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This American Life on NPR recently broadcast a show called "A Day on the Beach" that included a segment about Johnny Tequila in Baja:

<<Alex Blumberg talks to Shane Dubow about a time decades ago, when Shane went sea kayaking and camping with his friends on the beach in Baja California, Mexico. When Shane’s neck stiffens up on him, he finds himself looking for an unlikely chiropractor, in the middle of nowhere. (11 minutes)>>

Shane was told that there was someone who helped people, sort of an amateur chiropractor. This good samaritan lived on a boat in a bay a couple of beaches to the south. Shane paddled out to the boat in his kayak using what he calls "chicken-wing" paddling. He is met by a nude blonde goddess who tells him the person he is looking for has gone to town for supplies, and invites him to wait on board. When the amateur chiro arrives, he leads Shane on a narrow path through the scrub brush on shore to an opening that has what looks like a chiropractic or massage table. [Shane probably does not know the difference]
Hanging from a tree branch is a complete human spine that Shane hopes is artificial. The chiro guy adjusts Shane's vertebrae and the rigor neckitis is gone. Shane learns that his benefactor is called
Johnny Tequila and offers to pay him. The offer is refused, but Johnny says, "If you ever see me in a bar, you can buy me a tequila."

Enjoy the audio

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