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The Rubi has a 4" Mopar (dealer installed) lift--springs, shocks, control arms, bump stops, sway bar extensions, front and rear track bar relocation brackets, wheels and BFG KM2 35s. The dealer price was about $4K (see below).  The whole package plus the 35s and the factory sway bar disconnect keep all four on the ground (most of the time). 

I'm not an expert but I think you shouldn't need to lift a JK for 33x12.50s, maybe a little less back spacing on the rims if you want to run snow chains.  If clearance is an issue, coil spacers might work for you.  If you are planning to do a lot of back country wheeling in DV while loaded (the car--not you), I think a 4" lift with 35s is a better bet. If you have the factory tow kit you should be geared right for 35s. 

Here's a passage re: warranties from the MOPAR Performance Parts catalogue:

Mopar Performance parts are sold “as is” unless otherwise noted. This means that parts sold by Mopar Performance carry no warranty whatsoever. Implied warranties, such as warranties of merchantability, are excluded. (An implied warranty of merchantability means that the part is reasonably fi t for the general purpose for which it was sold). The entire risk as to quality and performance of such parts is with the buyer. Should such parts prove defective following their purchase, the buyer and not the manufacturer, distributor or retailer, assumes the entire cost of all necessary servicing or repair. . . . . The addition of performance parts does not by itself void a vehicle’s warranty. However, added performance parts (parts not originally supplied on the vehicle from the factory) are not covered by the vehicle’s warranty, and any failure that they may cause is also not covered by the vehicle’s warranty.


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I have a 2011 JKUR that I'm planning some mod's for to better handle the roads in DV (and other places) and have a couple of questions. Looks like I have the same RC winch mount, although I have a Badlands winch, not a Warn. Anyway, I'm also adding an engine/trans skid plate and a roof rack for our camping stuff, and am wondering about a lift and tires. Right now I'm looking at the AEV 2.5" lift with LCA relocation brackets. What lift did you install? I'm looking more for weight compensation, and some additional clearance for 33X11.5 or 33X12.5 tires (still undecided). Any thoughts, recommendations, or comments would be appreciated...


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