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I have stayed away from the springs. If I wanted to see crowds of young people, I would go to Starbucks. Saline Valley is big enough to find a place away from the crowds. A good day is a day I see NO other vehicles driving by.
Is change good?  Change, like one form of excrement, happens.  The springs seem more crowded by newbies who are frantic if they cannot get a cell phone signal, who act lost if they can't get gps coordinates for a turnoff or attraction, who cannot read a map, who find it true if it is on the internet.  Need I say anything about burners?  Some of them are a breath of fresh air, others are airheads, dimlights, politicals, choose your own description.

(Some) people like Columbia, CA, a gold rush town taken over by the state and made a park.  I despise the morons of the state park system, what they did (and still do) to a living town that survived since the gold rush by having people living in it, patching the roofs, manning (and womanning, during WWII) the volunteer fire department, filling the potholes.  Does my hate of what the state did to my home town outweigh the benefits and happiness Columbia produces to (some) people, as a result of that change?

Sidebar: if you want to learn about the gold rush, donot go to Columbia.  Go to Murphys, Volcano, Sheep Ranch, go explore the ghosts at Big Humbug Creek on the Tuolumne River, get out and go, but not to Columbia, where they pretend Columbia has no history after 1870, where everything is "interpreted".  Go ask a state park moron where the bordellos were in Columbia (yes, they were around, but not in the "interpreted" columbialand).

Other observations on change.  I survived a traumatic throat injury that would have killed me 100 years ago, due to the change in medical technology.  Is it good I lived because of change?  I hope so, I am trying to be kinder to small children and cats, and I survived both my parents, who otherwise would have had a child die.  Now having my own children, both of who have been to the springs, I can barely imagine how that would tear a parent

It seems the springs are large enough to find your own niche, I have observed since 1977, when I was a newbie.  It is just more difficult at easter and thanksgiving.  Some of us are forced to use these times, what with the responsibilities, real or otherwise, acquired during change.  If there wasn't change, perhaps the springs would die along with the last of us.  And that would be sad

RiverRat, preparing to row a trip down the Colorado through the Grand Canyon for the fourth time, kid #2 comming for the second time.  A desert with a river running through it.  Cool.


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Due to some major changes in family dynamics and the kids growing up it has been some years since I have been to the springs. It has not been a wanted hiatus but life does take you in different directions.
  After reading some of the comments regarding Easter and Thanksgiving behavior by a few of the guests, has the atmosphere changed? When our kids were growing up they were there on everyone these vacations and never encountered any problems. Observations  on time and place in which pool to soak is very easy to learn.
  Is it true there are 100-300 people attending the Thanksgiving celeb.? Sixty or so was the norm the last time I was there.
  Is a gentleman name John still visiting the springs and If I remember correctly is Fun Fun still around? There were many wonderful people  that would all gather the same time every year and share this amazing place with one another.

  The road does sound like a new challenge, but if it was too easy to get there everyone would be there  which I hope will never happen! Thanks for listening.
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