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James Sel

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Mike said to me; That birds eat there seeds and spread them in that way. I don't see new palms popping up at every in watering hole. I think he's thinking is more out of balance than the ecosystem in the valley. 
 My solution includes fighting to keep the palms presently growing at the springs from removal. But keep in mind; what is the life expectancy if a palm tree? It's not as long as one might think. What is the life of a mesquite tree that is indigenous to the area? The new grove of mesquite trees are really nice and there is no battle over keeping them. They took years to grow to what they are now and the shade is great. I love the palms too. I think we need to continue focusing on planting more indigenous trees that will someday make great shade trees as well as protect the palms we have. 

 I was wondering are there any Palms at the artisan well and which canyons have palms in them. Is Mike right or wrong as far as the palms spreading? If they are there, I'd like to dig some of them up and sell them at the yard sale to supplement my gas costs to the valley. Just saying, if there all no palm invading the water sources then ....bla....bla...bla,,,,

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We can complain here all we want, but if there's any chance of having an effect, we need to take action.  Respond to the public comment?  And say what?

Or is it so hopeless we shouldn't waist our time?
It's Mike Cipra's wet dream to remove all palm trees from the springs.
I just do not get how palm trees got classified as invasive? They do not propagate
unless planted. They do not spread to canyons and other places.
Your tax dollars at work, folks. NPS does not have the money to fix the roads but plenty to
hire people to cuts beloved trees.

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I just got a brochure from the park service asking for public comment on a new invasive species management plan.  One of the points they made explicitly in this plan is the removal of palm trees, and the picture appears to show a cut-off palm stump.  Is there reason to be concerned that they are out to remove the palm trees at the springs, as well as other popular springs in the park?
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