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N Igma

Posts: 10
Hi Trail Runner. 

I did not taste but the source is cold.  Water appeared clean coming out of the pipe with good flow (late March) so treatment or filter should work. 

The road gets rutted but easily done on a motorcycle and I am sure a bike would get there fine.  The guides say about a mile, but it is more like a 1 1/2 miles off the Saline Valley Road.  You'll come to a cow grate and a very green willow tree.  just walk along the tree and up to the source. You'll have to log jump to get to the pipe.  These coordinates will get you close.  36.743952, -117.824302

Respect for bicycling in!

N Igma

Posts: 1
Thanks for posting. Are the spring sources cold water? Will be riding my bike there soon and will need to fill up.
N Igma

Posts: 10
I was at the Springs the last week in March and came by motorcycle.  I usually bring in enough water but Had to pack light.  This got me more interested in drinking the Spring or Artisan sources.  I know plenty who drink the springs but I love data goes.

I brought out a sample of the water from the Lower Spring sink faucet and another from the Salt Lake Artisan Well.  I see that several have tested for biological issues with no issues found.  My samples were not collected in a way that would make that testing possible (not sterile, not kept cold).  I have contacted a lab and found I could test for minerals (Manganese, Asbestos etc. pdf attached)  I see Major Tom did this years ago from the other postings (pretty cool, sir!).  Is there interest in getting the testing done?  I was going to spring for it but a full suite of tests is roughly $350/ per source.  Little more than I can swing just after taxes...

Let me know.  Here is a picture of the Artisan spring at its exit.  Looked pretty good to me.

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