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Accuweather forecast for Chicken Strip !   Dummied up from sites over the hill. LOL

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Try camping at the end of the runway on Chicken Strip. No-see-um's don't exist there. Neither do the Horse Flies. 
Salt Peter

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Sam's weather link is the best pinpoint forecast to start with. I also look closely at Trona/Ridgecrest, Big Pine, Bishop, Lone Pine, and Furnace Creek. Forecasts are just that and can have a huge variance.

It is springtime near a water source. Spring is the worst season for noseeums.
Sam D.

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Noseeums - try this thread:

This weather link works for me. I add 5F in the Summer. I subtract 5F for the Winter.

I also triangulate between Olancha, Furnace Creek and Bishop. Others suggested to average out Trona, Ridgecrest, and Big Pine

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I have in my notes the following website for weather in Saline Valley.

I googled up the weather before going to Saline Valley for the Easter weekend 2018.  The forecast was for temperatures from the mid-50s to the mid-70s for the whole period.
But the actual weather got up to around 95 on most days.
Has anyone else had a similar experience with very inaccurate weather forecasts?
On a different topic, I wore shorts and the noseeums got to my legs such that it looks like my legs were peppered with bird shot.   I have not had this experience before but I usually go when the weather is cooler.
Does anyone have any advice on dealing with noseeums?
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