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Ranger Ric

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Met Ross and candy on my very first trip to Saline Valley. Planned to stay for five days and left three weeks later. As others, enjoy very much talking with Ross and candy every day. Ross was always up on the stars in the heavens and gave me a website to belong too so I could always be up with which stars were in the sky. Candy was always up to something around the spring. One of which was the carvings of the palm trees. That's why the trunks of the trees look so good nowadays. Very much enjoyed my time around these two. Ross and Candy invited me to come to Washington and visit them when I was passing through. Our thoughts are with you Candy and bless you now.

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Havent been here for a while - so i just read the bad news, meet Ross two times at the springs. We had the most interesting, good talks, not only about geology and sience, but also about traveling, life and all the things that are important to the most of us.

He was one of the seldom generous and warm hearted people we meet during our travels around the world.

Werner from Germany

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Ross Ellis, who I first met about 25 years ago in Saline Valley was, well, a very nice fellow. For those of you who do not know him, Ross was married to Candy for about 30 or 35 years. They met as he was a college professor, she a student. My early memories were of barely waking up in the morning to see Candy jogging from the Lower Springs to the Upper Upper Springs. About 6 miles round trip, she did this everyday. Ross and Candy were deeply in love, it was clear to anyone who spent even 5 minutes with the couple that they were bonded as one.

Candy and Ross lived in Bellingham, WA. Ross and Candy spent a full month every year at Saline, I think it was around September or October every year. They had just bought a new Sportsmobile around 5 years ago.

Ross and Candy were meticulous about leaving their camp clean when they left. I remember one time arriving at the Springs and setting up camp in a space that was so spotless and nicely raked. I asked Lee, "Was Ross and Candy in this camp recently, nobody else would have left it so perfect?". Lee's response was "Yep" and a smile.

My condolences to you Candy, and all the great friends Ross left behind. Candy, I think you have my number, so remember anytime you are in Ventura, you have a place to stay.

Gene Rubin                                                

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From Baja to the Arctic and all places in between. Saline Valley since 1982!


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We met Ross and Candy in the summer of 2003 in our most favorite place, The Valley. They were so interesting to talk to and knew so much about the valley, which we still use when hiking every morning when we are there. That year we were in the valley for five days and spent much of each day talking with the two of them. Thank you for being such a friendly couple and the bat and rock.

Woody and Cheryl

dead-on Denise

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I have very special memories of our trip to the springs last September where there were very few people and bonds were strong. Ross and Candy were amongst these few. It was so nice to get to know them better. One of my last conversations with Ross left me weeping. He was incredibly gentle, passionate, and brilliant. Treasured memories, I will really miss seeing him.

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Major Tom

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I am really trying to get away from being the town crier, however ...

Ross Ellis was the best man at my wedding, and likely had as much affect on the direction of my life as my own father. Ross gave me
my first geology text, leading me to become a student and teacher of Earth science. He was a best friend and revered mentor for so
many years.

I am sad to say, my friend Ross passed away from this life at 8 pm, PST, on Tuesday, September 27. His remains will be cremated and
spread in the lands he loved.  A memorial site to leave condolences,  memories, photos, etc, is at:

Please join me in offering prayers for his memory, and his beloved Candy.

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