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 Should the NPS extend the public comment period
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 No, let the comment period expire on 3/28 1 1%
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Saline management plan meeting times & locations were just posted on "" /  DV Talk Forum.

Feb 4 at furnace creek visitor center 6:30 PM

Feb 5 Lone Pine  6:30 PM"

Feb 6 Ridgecrest  6:30 PM


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I have already sent a letter a well thought out letter voicing my opinion for the No Action Alternative. Everyone who posts here should be made aware that there is an option that would remove the springs and airstrip altogether. If all don't get involved and speak up and leave it only to the few, then the NPS will do as they wish. We need to speak up! Maybe post off topic in the road conditions, that will get the attention of others. Thanks.

Major Tom

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It is important to get this word out as best we can. The NPS did not notify me of these dates, as they usually do, before I left for a two-week vacation in Hawaii. (Mike Cipra was my contact, and he said he is leaving the employ of the Park Service, so this may explain the failure in communication.) Regretfully I do not have my email list with me for the SPA membership, and will only be able to get word out on the day before the first meeting is scheduled. If you cannot make a meeting, make sure you comment on the alternatives. Will follow up on this as best as I can.

Comments can be made (and documents detailing alternatives accessed) through the Park Service portal at:
paul belanger

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(I first posted this in a new thread, realized that was unnecessary.)

I was on the DEVA email list, so I got it today and read it all through.  Basically what it says is they could leave it as it is, or take everything out.  The only thing really new is to breakdown how the five varying levels of management would possibly pertain to individual aspects (camping, camp sites, nudity, fencing, ash management, airstrips, car repair facilities, etc.) of the Saline Valley experience.

So my biggest initial question is, WHO will make the final decisions?

I will be attending one of the meeting, most likely in Lone Pine.  I believe now is the time for well thought out, clearly presented statements of our position.  We obviously want the "no actions alternative", but we must be able to defend our positions, and be ready to be flexible.


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I will be sending my opinion also. If I was capable I would link those files here, but I am not. Perhaps someone else can do it?

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I have just received and reviewed the NPS Alternatives Newsletter. Interesting and actually reasonably well presented; some of their proposals are disturbing, but give us a good starting point for dialog.

The public meetings are scheduled for Feb. 4, 5 & 6; I will, unfortunately, be unable to attend any of them due to prior commitments. However, I do plan on submitting my personal comments and recommendations.

Will SPA be represented at these meetings or preparing a position report? If so, I would like a copy or possibly a summary; we should have generally unified position for max. effect.

My personal view is generally in favor of the "No Action Alternative"

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It's out and contains 5 levels of management alternatives.  Have to take some time to study it, but I'm going to attach it here.  There is a larger document with photos that seems too big to upload here.

Attached Files
pdf DEVA_Saline_Valley_Warm_Springs_EIS_Preliminary_Alterna...Jan_2014_copy.pdf (165.26 KB, 95 views)

Major Tom

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The National Park Service hopes to release draft alternatives for the Saline Valley Warm Springs Management Plan to the public for review and comment sometime near the end of January. NPS is also hoping to host public meetings on draft alternatives from February 4-6, 2014.  Again, please keep in mind that these dates may change.
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