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paul belanger

Posts: 270
I have to say a positive word concerning Miller’s Towing. They provide a much needed service. They are in business. What does anyone think those 4WD tow trucks cost to own and operate? If you don’t want to, or can’t, pay them what they want, wait the days and weeks for a Good Samaritan. Or don’t go down to Saline.

The guys at Miller’s are decent people, offering a service.

Posts: 145
MILLER may be more expensive, but I just bought two six-packs of CORONA for less than eight bucks!

Posts: 5
I doubt they would. Besides the local community backlash and bad PR 
they would risk legal action....

California’s anti-price gouging statute, Penal Code Section 396, prohibits raising the price of many consumer goods and services by more than 10% after an emergency has been declared.

The statute applies to the following major necessities: lodging (including permanent or temporary rental housing, hotels, motels, and mobilehomes); food and drink (including food and drink for animals); emergency supplies such as water, flashlights, radios, batteries, candles, blankets, soaps, diapers, temporary shelters, tape, toiletries, plywood, nails, and hammers; and medical supplies such as prescription and nonprescription medications, bandages, gauze, isopropyl alcohol, and antibacterial products.

It also applies to other goods and services including: home heating oil; building materials, including lumber, construction tools, and windows; transportation; freight; storage services; gasoline and other motor fuels; and repair and reconstruction services.


Posts: 66
Another deterrent from visiting the springs is the absence of help. I am sure Miller will double the price of a tow.
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