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one of the things i dearly loved about traveling through Montana 10 years ago and driving off road then and now both speed limits were "safe and prudent driving"  Montana's federal highway money got threatened if they didnt post a speed limit so they caved to the feds and its 75 mph. 

one out of two isnt bad these days i guess.......................


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I Was Just in last weekend, Necked no problem,

You may want to take sleeping bags with you just incase of unforeseen problems Dozers etc.
Lot's of rocks in the road just allow about 3 hours travel time each way, you can drive faster but Its harder on your Vehicle, the road and other people you pass.

Have Fun..... Dusty

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Wow Guy's, thanks for the replies! I was concerned because I was reading Death Valley SUV Trails By Roger Mitchell, and he indicated nudity was frowned upon everywhere but the springs themselves.

The plan right now is to leave Vegas Friday April 2 early morning and set up the travel trailer at PSR, then do some local (textile) exploring. Saturday we plan a day trip to the springs via the South Pass in my 4x4 Silverado, returning to PSR Saturday evening. Perhaps I'll see some of you then. I'll be the naked guy


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My personal observation is lots of peeps walk between their camp and the springs wearing little, or nothing at all.  There's a wonderful grass lawn at the lower springs for nude sunbathing also.

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So far my range has been six days wearing only sunglasses and Crocs.  Had to go into town for beer and ice and then another four days.  Weather permitting of course and Easter should be perfect.

Tahoe Tammy

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You'll should be fine being nakie.   Just wear your sun screen

the limit on nude walking is 18 miles per day.....seriously,youll be just fine.

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Good Morning All,

I have been reading and enjoying this forum it for quite some time. Lots of good information. I do have a question though.

My wife and I are planning on visiting the springs Easter weekend. My understanding is that the springs themselves, and I assume the immediate area's around the springs are clothing optional. As my forum name implies, I am a practicing naturist. In the interest of not embarrassing myself, nor committing a major faux pas, how is simple nudity accepted in other areas around the springs? For example between the parking area and the pools; maybe taking a walk to one of the upper springs; or generally exploring the surrounding area's nude. Thanks in advance.

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